Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello All,

I know I haven't blogged for a while, but I will try to do better.

This is my new purse I got online at I love it, it's big
and holds a lot. It has a zipper pocket and two open pockets for
cell phone and/or iPod, or whatever. I also have one of those things
that has a lot of pockets that you can take from purse to purse. I
have my digital Camera in there, and extra keys, pens and pencils, etc.
that move with it. Only the wallet that goes in the middle. Anyway
I think it's pretty too. Maybe you do too?

Not much knitting going on. I was doing a row on my sweater when
I noticed that the cable had come apart not with the metal end,
just the cable out of the bottom of the metal piece. (Options)
It must be the one I got the new cable for but couldn't find it
again. Well, I had to pick up the dropped stitches with the cable
end which isn't sharp or anything. When I got them picked up, I
noticed a loose loop hanging down. Don't know how to fix it, so
once I get the new cable on there somehow, I will take the row out
and try it again. When I have a few inches again, I will take a

So, I've been knitting

Friday, April 03, 2009

Hello all,

Rain! Yes we needed it but boy it came down around noon
today. I was driving home from the dentist and it was
coming down so hard, my wipers were on as high as they
could go and the rain was still overcoming them. We
drove relatively slowly due to all the water coming
down. The whole way home and a while after getting
home it came down like blazes. Later, when I went
out to the post office it was just raining normally.
Oh, I couldn't eat lunch till late due to a numbed
mouth. Isn't that the way. Luckily the next appt.
next month is after lunch.

It also decided to rain last night as I was coming
home from my Knitting Guild meeting in Whitehall,
about a 45 min. drive. Towards home it stopped
for a while, but then as I was coming down our
road it started up again. I was glad I was able
to pull into the garage.

The last time I saw rain come down like it did
around noon, was when we lived in Florida. I
can remember it was raining so hard on a major
road I was on, that I pulled over to the side
of the road until it slowed down. Down there
it rained every day around 5 PM. My kids loved
jumping in the puddles when it was done.

So, I've been reading the Kindle and the book
I got about walking 10,000 steps each day.
I got my pedometer this week on Tuesday, so
the first week, we are supposed to use as a
baseline once we add it together and divide
by 7. Then we can work on getting above
our baseline. So Wednesday I did 5786 steps
and yesterday, Thursday, I did 7829. So far
today, I've done 5311, but I'm not done the
day yet. Maybe I should walk around the house
outside before I watch TV.

So, I knitted at my Guild, starting a sweater.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hi all,

I'm trying to blog Mon. Wed. Fri, but last night when I went to
blog, I looked at the clock and I needed to get to bed instead.
That's why I'm blogging today.

These are pictures of my knitting. The first is a knitted
washcloth I knitted a while ago. It's been used once and then
washed. There's another red one that's being used today, so
didn't take a picture of that.

This washcolth is one I'm making now. It's my waiting washcloth, that I
knit on when waiting somewhere. I started it while waiting at the mammogram
place, and worked on it for a while at my Knitting group.

After knitting on the washcloth for a bit, I picked up the bulky yarn
and started knitting first a gauge swatch, and then cast on 33 stitches
for a Kindle bag. I measured around the Kindle and it was 11 1/2" around,
so I cast on for 11 inches, figuring it stretches a bit. I also knitted
on it once during the couple days since Thursday. I figure I take the
Kindle places and a knitted bag would protect it somewhat.

My Thursday was crazy for me. First Knitting from 10 - 11:30, Then went to
A.C. Moore to look for paint brushes. Then went home, ate a quick lunch,
brushed my teeth and went for a dental cleaning. Showed the Kindle to them
and they had never heard of one. I went home, this time for 2 hours, before
eating some dinner and leaving at 5:30 for a painting class back in Stroudsburg.
I usually space those things out, but somehow they all landed on the same day.

Turned out I didn't like the watercolor painting or the teacher much. So no
more of that any more.

I got a flyer from my LYS and Annie Modiesitt is coming in April to my LYS.
I want to sign up for one her classes. It's pretty cool she's coming to
East Stroudsburg, PA., to Mountain Knits and Purls, actually in East
Stroudsburg. She's teaching a Jewelry Demo, on May 27th and Combination
Knitting on May 28th. She's also doing a book signing of any of her books
on the 27th. You need to sign up for them at Mountain Knits and Purls
before the class if you are anywhere near it. I'm looking at the flyer
and there is another class of hers on the 28th in the afternoon, called
Annie's Embellishments. Le's see, on the 27th the class is from 7 to 9 PM.
On the 28th, the first is from 11 - 2 PM and 3 - 6 PM.

So, I've been knitting.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello All,

This is my middle of losing weight photo. I am 67 pounds less
than I was. Obviously, I still have more to go. Altogether
I want to lose 130 pounds.

I still have to search a CD I put photos on for a before picture.
So, haven't done that yet. Knew I wanted to post today.

Today I went for my annual Mammogram. Have to drive down about 45
minutes to get to the place, but it is much more comfortable than
where I used to get them. It was funny, the lady saw me reading my
Kindle when she came to get me. She sat me on the chair in the room,
and asked me about the Kindle, and could she hold it. She says, she
reads a lot, and she has a friend that has a Sony reader who doesn't
like it, so she was interested if I liked the Kindle which I do, very
much. All through the Mammogram, she asked me questions about it.
I think she will order one.

After I left there, I stopped and did some shopping at Wallmart. I'm
starting a painting class tomorrow, and we were supposed to get a pack
of brushes. I couldn't find the pack she suggested, but got one of
25 brushes for any type painting. Hope they are OK.

Well, it's getting close to 8 PM and I want to watch Ghost Hunters.
Can I help it, I like it.

So, yes, I knitted on the washcloth I'm making while I waited out in
the main waiting room. I need to knit a case for my Kindle, think I'll
use a bulky wool yarn that I have.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I haven't taken any pictures yet, sorry.

I've been reading my Amazon Kindle. I got it recently
and love reading books on it. All the Kindle books
are basically $9.99 or less or even free. Any of you
that read my blog have a Kindle? Mine's a Kindle2.

I'm still working on the kitchen cabinets. Only still
have the 3 left that are tricky to do. I was supposed
to do the one under the sink. I still will try to, after
dinner maybe. At least the other two are high rather than
so low. Figured I should get the hardest done first.

I'm going to go to my first painting class on Thursday night.
I need to buy some brushes, and a canvas or something. I'm
not sure what type painting it is. I thought water color,
but not sure. There was no paint on the paper we got telling
us about brushes and canvas.

Going to make a recipe for Flounder tonight. Although time
is flying.

So, no knitting this time either.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello Blog land,

It's been quite a while since I last blogged. I now have a goal set to blog every other day except Sunday. Thought I would start that way. No pictures today, but will get better at that also, maybe on the day I don't blog.

I've been losing weight with Weight Watchers. About 65 pounds lost since the end of July 08. Still have many more to lose though. I'll try to get hubby to take a picture and will post a before and during.

I'm doing some organizing. I have a couple organizing things, one a book 'One Year to get getting organized." I really like the book. I'm also taking a class online called the "Extreme Home Makeover" at Brook Noel's site,

Oh, I'm enjoying the Amazon Kindle 2 that I got a few weeks ago. I love it. I've downloaded many books, some I've finished, the one organizing book is on it also, and I have a knitting book, and a bunch of other books on it. I take with me when I have to wait, although I do sometimes knit when waiting.

I've only knitted washcloths lately, so haven't taken pictures of them yet. One is in use, and the other I am still working on when I wait.

I'm thinking of starting that blue cardigan sweater I was going to knit before I started losing weight. I'm thinking now I can pick a smaller size easier, as it will take quite a while for me to knit anyway. I am a slow knitter, especially since I got the Kindle. Hubby frowns at me when I take my knitting to church. Oh well, now he leads the music and has to sit up on the stand. So, maybe I could knit, we'll see. I let you know if I manage it.

A friend asked me what Lifeform was. It's a software program I got years
ago, and it keeps track, if you want, of all you eat and figures out your recipe's too by giving the nutrition info, so I can figure out my points for Weight Watchers. I've been trying to buy cooking magazines and books with Nutrition info in them. Anyway, they do charge for Lifeform, it's at It also keeps track of your weight and a bunch of other things. It used to come on 3 1/2" disks, so when I got a new computer it had (Oh dear, senior moment) anyway that new operating system that Microsoft has. Name is not coming to me, sorry, I had to download Lifeform for it, and silly me forgot to tell them I had it all ready, so had to pay for it again. It's not expensive, something like $20 or so.

So, haven't knitted lately.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Brr Then Warm

When we got up today, it was COLD. Hubby said he took his
car to the you wash it place and after he put the soap on
the car, it froze. I guess he finally got the soap off and
finished washing it. I think he went too early to do it, as
by noon it was 49 or something like that. Very warmish. We're
hoping that the next few days of warmer temps like that, might
clear up the rest of the ice on the driveway. Of course it
might snow after that. Seems like every time the driveway
finally gets clear of ice or snow, it does it again. So, we
will see.

Well, for a Saturday, I got up early at 8 AM. I ate breakfast,
did my exercise, showered and washed my hair, then read my
scriptures and got ready to go. I took a class at my nearest
LYS for making an Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Almanac,
baby sweater. Not the Surprise Jacket, but another
one she has in her Almanac. There were 5 of us in the class.
We had gotten our yarns when we signed up for the class, and
had to do our gauge squares to get 5 stitches an inch. I
got some Merino yarn, in a pretty green color. Sorry forgot
to take that picture, but then again, you can see it below
in the picture of how far I got.

We need to knit until it comes time to put the sleeves onto
the needles. We're knitting top down for this. What you
saw in the picture was the yoke of the sweater.

This is the washcloth I started in a doctor's office. I had
left it in the middle of the row, so picked it up at home
(before the class today) and knitted some on it. I like
bright colors on my washcloths. I have some I knit of
whitish colors and don't like them as much.

After the class which was from 10 - Noon, I bought some yarn,
and yes forgot to take a picture of that. It's Cascade 220
in a gorgeous blue. If I remember, I will post a picture
of it tomorrow.

Then I went to the mall in Stroudsburg. First I ate
lunch at Burger King. I just looked at their online
site, and found the nutrition stuff for it, not good.
A Junior Whopper was 9 Weight Watcher points. I didn't
eat but half of the fries, so that wasn't bad, and the
Reg. Coke, I only drank half of it. So it was about
12 points for lunch. By the way, I've lost 61 pounds
with Weight Watchers so far.

Anyway, then I went into the mall and walked around.
There was something doing with Boy Scouts down near
Penney's. Lots of people watching. Maybe their boys
were there. I finally went into Bed and Bath shop and
found a shower back brush. I've wanted one for ages,
and got two other items that didn't work as well. Can't
wait to try this one tomorrow. Yes, no picture as well.

I made Spaghetti for dinner. I was going to make something
else but I forgot to get fresh mushrooms, so that will have
to wait till Monday. But hubby wanted Spaghetti, so that
is what I made. We also had a plate of baby carrots with

So, I've been knitting.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi All,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Today I've been re-learning ribbing
stitch. I always seem to do ribbing when busy looking or doing
something else. Then I screw it up. Such fun. I took a Magic
Loop class. I had so much trouble with the needle kinking and
making mistakes, that when I was doing the ribbing finally, I
screwed it up somewhat. I didn't care that much, and kept knitting,
but the second class she made me take it out. Told me if I had
that much trouble, I should just knit a roll up hat plain.

I'm wasn't ready to do that, but did that in the class to make
the teacher happy. So, today, I got some yarn I don't use for
anything else in a light color, and tried it. Think I've got it
down now, knit the purls and purl the knits. Yes, I've been knitting
for 12 or 13 years and should know that. Call it a Senior moment.

So, I think when I retry the hat yet again, I will do it on two
circular needles like I'm used to, and follow her pattern and
make the hat. If I have to do it without looking at TV or listening
to iPod, I will.

I suppose I'm not the most careful knitter.

So, I've been knitting


Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowy Trees

Just as it was getting light I looked out my dining
room window, and saw these trees just touched by
snow and had to take the picture. I think they
are just pretty.

I knitted 3 rows of the hat. It's 108 stitches so takes
a while, yesterday, need to another row or two to get
enough done before the next couple rows.

A couple boys came over today to sled. One called
first and asked. I told them sure. A relative
dropped them off as our driveway was snowy. They
must have sled for about 2 hours. I lent them a
sled we had, as the two of them had only 1 sled.

That was my excitement for the day I suppose.

I downloaded Lifeform today, as I only have it
on 3 in disks and my new computer only has a
CD/DVD drive. So I had to pay for it. Maybe
I should have told Lifeform place that I had
it on disks, but couldn't use it. Oh well.
It was just $29.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello all,

Even though I don't have a Saturday Sky, I figured
I could still blog.

I think I have finally figured out ribbing. Here
I've been knitting for 12 years or so, you think
I would have found out before, silly me. Maybe
I did find out once, but then forgot, who knows.
Knit the knits and purl the purls. Maybe some
of the problem was I wasn't sure which stitch was
which. Maybe it's because I'm old, or something.

I made Zucchini Lasagna for dinner,(new recipe.)
Not the best tasting Lasagna even if it was only
5 Weight Watcher points for 1 piece. I assume
a meat lasagna would be more points? I'll have
to check. There is a lot of Zucchini Lasagna
left though and we should eat it, especially
before it goes bad, whenever that would happen.
It was only 2 levels, isn't a regular Lasagna
3 levels I think. I guess it's been a long time
since I made lasagna as it's a lot of fussy
steps. I used to make it a long while ago, and
I remember we used to use Sweet Italian Sausage
instead of hamburger. I might have to make one
like that again and just leave enough points for
dinner, how ever points that is.

Weight Watchers works! I am determined to lose
all the weight and keep it off. I have to lose
about 120 pounds. I've lost 57 so far. All ready
went down 2 sizes of pants. Ordered more underwear
also. Not too much, as it still is a ways to go.
One of the great things about Weight Watchers
is that you eat anything you want, just count
the points. At this point I get 26 points a
day. There is also every week, 35 weekly pts.
that you can use however you want. If you don't
use the weekly points, you lose weight faster.
I tend to use maybe 10 weekly points during a
week. But I lose 2-3 pounds every week, anyway.

Don't ask me when I started Weight Watchers.
I think it might have been October but not sure.
Oh, I had my 08 planner out for something else and
looked and it appears I joined on 22 July 08, So
I was wrong about October. In all that time I've
only missed 3 meetings. 1.sick 2. on vacation,
3. Icy driveway and I won't drive on it when it's
icy. Had an ice accident twice, once on the drive
way. So, ice I stay home.

I was charging my Palm Pilot before dinner.
When I started cooking, I put it up off the
counter onto some boxes. I was in the middle
of putting sauce on the lasagna when the
Palm slid off the box into the lasagna sauce.
Luckily it's in a case and only a tad got on
the actually Palm. Most was on the button tab
that got that sauce. Also the tab and the bottom
of the holder are leather or fake leather. Any-
way, it's easy to clean. only a tad got on the
bottom of the case which is a fabric of some sort.

I've been knitting on the hat with the Magic
Loop thing. I finished the ribbing, and next
is knit for 3 rows or 1 in and 1/8 long.
The pattern we were given, as I got it in a magic
loop class, is doing a checkerboard effect
at one point. So lots of different stitches
in this silly hat. It is wool, which will
be warmer than the acrylic hat I made which I
wear now. I've had the hardest time with the
Addi Turbo needle I got. It's not like the
others I have. The cable is awful. I've
taken off the stitches trying to get the cable
to relax twice. I finally got it somewhat relaxed,
although the magic loop workings make it not
relaxed somewhat. I need to figure out how to
put in a safety line. Wonder if Knitting
Help has a video on that. Otherwise when
I make a mistake, I have to do take it all
out. Oh, one of the times when I was trying
it again, I somehow got the yarn stuck between
stitches somehow. Got it stuck so tight
I couldn't knit it anymore. When I tried
to unravel it, I couldn't even do that it
was so tight. So I cut it off the yarn,
and tossed it. Being very careful this time
so that doesn't happen again. I watched a
couple magic loop videos and figured out
what I what I did.

So, I've been knitting, frogging, knitting
frogging, knitting, etc.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Sky and New Years trip

I took this picture around 5 tonight or maybe a tad earlier.
As you can tell from the trees, it is snowing.

Ok, the rest of these pictures are in no special order, I
goofed when putting them in, and I tried moving a couple
and then it's too hard to figure where they go. Anyway,
this is the lighthouse on the outer banks of North Carolina,
in Hatteras. It was the nicest one. You couldn't go in it
but just take pictures of it outside. There was a museum
to the side of it, maybe in the lighthouse guide's old house.

This happens to be a picture on the very long bridge tunnel,
well really the seagulls on the bridge. We took that bridge
both going and coming home. I think this picture is from
the trip home. I think it's cool that I got one taking off.
They were all sitting there on the fence, when I was getting
ready to take the picture and just as I snapped it, the middle
one started to take off.

Now this picture is on the outerbanks near the house we rented with
our youngest, his wife and baby. This is Ben and my husband trying
to fly a kite. It wasn't real windy that day, and you had to get the
kite up really high so it get the wind up there. (sorry I didn't get
any pictures of the kite. Later in the week, it got extremely windy
and cold. Ben and his wife tried to get it up later
on the very windy day, and don't think they had any luck.

I took this picture of this lighthouse. It was on the way home,
we stopped to see it. Can't tell you where exactly it was, but
somewhat north of where we stayed. It's just a plain one, we liked
the Hatterus one the best. We saw another one farther out on the
way home, it had the stripes squarely around, so a little different
than the lower ones, but didn't stop for pictures. We wanted to get
to hubby's sister and brother-in-law house.

Ok, this is back near the house we rented, it's Ben and his wife
flying the kite. You can see the handle in his hands. The kite
is way up there, and not in the picture.

These last two pictures are of Wynnie, our granddaughter. This
one is a closeup, or as close as I could get without disturbing

Here she was digging in the sand or something. Couldn't quite tell.
She's about 1 yr 9 months old. Her birthday I think is in March.

Well, I didn't take any pictures of the hat I'm making. I worked
on it a lot on vacation, then ran out of yarn while doing the
decreases near the top. I'll try to remember to take a picture
of the finished hat when I get it finished. Need to do it.

I also took the first class of two, about making a hat
on one 40" circular needle. I bought the needle that
night as I didn't have a size 8 40" circular. It was quite
tightly curled and didn't want to behave. So, I did a couple
rows, figured out that from the teachers instruction and then
left early, as I knew how to do it, and I needed to soak that
needle in hot water for a while. I won't cast on again until
the hat is finished. The next class is in 2 weeks.

So, I've been on vacation, and did some knitting.