Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello Blog land,

It's been quite a while since I last blogged. I now have a goal set to blog every other day except Sunday. Thought I would start that way. No pictures today, but will get better at that also, maybe on the day I don't blog.

I've been losing weight with Weight Watchers. About 65 pounds lost since the end of July 08. Still have many more to lose though. I'll try to get hubby to take a picture and will post a before and during.

I'm doing some organizing. I have a couple organizing things, one a book 'One Year to get getting organized." I really like the book. I'm also taking a class online called the "Extreme Home Makeover" at Brook Noel's site,

Oh, I'm enjoying the Amazon Kindle 2 that I got a few weeks ago. I love it. I've downloaded many books, some I've finished, the one organizing book is on it also, and I have a knitting book, and a bunch of other books on it. I take with me when I have to wait, although I do sometimes knit when waiting.

I've only knitted washcloths lately, so haven't taken pictures of them yet. One is in use, and the other I am still working on when I wait.

I'm thinking of starting that blue cardigan sweater I was going to knit before I started losing weight. I'm thinking now I can pick a smaller size easier, as it will take quite a while for me to knit anyway. I am a slow knitter, especially since I got the Kindle. Hubby frowns at me when I take my knitting to church. Oh well, now he leads the music and has to sit up on the stand. So, maybe I could knit, we'll see. I let you know if I manage it.

A friend asked me what Lifeform was. It's a software program I got years
ago, and it keeps track, if you want, of all you eat and figures out your recipe's too by giving the nutrition info, so I can figure out my points for Weight Watchers. I've been trying to buy cooking magazines and books with Nutrition info in them. Anyway, they do charge for Lifeform, it's at It also keeps track of your weight and a bunch of other things. It used to come on 3 1/2" disks, so when I got a new computer it had (Oh dear, senior moment) anyway that new operating system that Microsoft has. Name is not coming to me, sorry, I had to download Lifeform for it, and silly me forgot to tell them I had it all ready, so had to pay for it again. It's not expensive, something like $20 or so.

So, haven't knitted lately.

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