Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The ice on the driveway was almost gone, and then today it snowed. All day this really light snow fell, and we got about 2+ inches in on the drive. Glad we have all wheel drive cars.

Tomorrow is my birthday and so we went out to eat tonight at a Steak House as hubby has to go out to a meeting tomorrow night. Got packages from my Parents and my daughter. Very nice. Will have fun opening them tomorrow.

My parents called me tonight and sang me Happy Birthday. Mom's doctor put her on the South Beach Diet to bring her triglyserides down or something. She's complaining because she's lost too much weight. Wish I had that trouble.

Well, my knit hat has been sitting in the bag with nothing done to it lately. One of these days I should pick it up and work on it. The part I am at I have to look at the directions as it's busy and I prefer mindless knitting I guess. Silly me.

So, no knitting lately.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Computer woes. Was trying to solve my computer slowdown, and accidentally erased something that was crucial to windows. It told me to do a restore. Well that was a mistake as it really screwed up the computer. I started deleting things off the computer as the Windows CD said there was no room. Deleted everything I could and it still wouldn't load, so I finally figured out how to format the drive. It took 3 days, but I'm finally back online.

Our driveway is quite icy. There are places on the downpart (we live on hill) which are dry, but up top and around the house it is very icy. It's been so cold it has not had a chance to melt since early this week when it happened. No fun.

No knitting lately, but that is about to change.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Ice this time. We've had 2 inches of ice on the driveway the last couple days. Last night we got a little snow, and now freezing rain. Maybe we'll have lots more ice, who knows. I have an all wheel drive vehicle, but going down our 1/10 mile hill of a driveway is no fun. At least we can get back up.

Been procratinating on my knitting lately. I read a book, and took a class called Getting Things Done. I liked the ideas in it, and am working on being better in the procrastinating thing.

So, no knitting lately.