Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rainy Saturday Sky

I took this around 11 AM today. It had rained hard a little
before this. But wasn't raining when I took the pic. Very

No knitting at all this week. Well, that's not exactly true as
we went to a picnic on Monday for the Memorial Day Picnic. I
took my knitting, and managed to knit both Pink Pig ears, and
his snout. I now need to sew them on the pig body. I seem to
have some sort of block, that makes me procrastinate sewing
on those things. Driving myself crazy.

Maybe I'm procrastinating since the next thing I want to knit
is the Fair Isle Cardigan, and I've recently heard on a podcast
that the largest size on the pattern, isn't big enough for us
bigger ladies. So, I will need to read my Big Girl Knits for
ideas for making the cardigan big enough for me.

Recently I was working on the Tilted Duster. When I put
together the top, before picking up for the skirt, I tried
it on. Even though I had made it bigger, by the figuring
of the leader of our knit guild, it didn't fit. So I
frogged it. Now I'm worrying that even if I made the
cardigan bigger will it fit? Will the fair isle
designs come out all right? Anyway, worries.

Anybody out there that had made a Fair Isle sweater
bigger? How did it work, what did you do? Did it fit?


So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Sky, etc.

Took this around 3PM this afternoon. Beautiful day, a

little windy and cool, but a very pretty day.

On the Knitting front, I finally found a pig pattern
for my granddaughter who loves the color pink and pigs,
for some reason. She's 4.

So here is the basic body, I think besides the pig, you
can make a bunny and a bear from this shape. So still need
to knit his ears, a snout and the curly tail.

Have recently gotten a new Palm Pilot, a Z22. So that
has been taking some time from the knitting lately. You
can figure how that is.

One thing I need to do and haven't, is to change the
plastic rug protector under my chair before this
computer. It has holes in it, and I have a new
one. It's just seems like a huge job and I just
can't get myself to do it. Silly me.

So, No knitting this week

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Sky

Well, I have a Saturday Sky picture, but my computer is
being very slow and /or Blogger is being very slow. Either
way I can't seem to get the picture onto my computer.
Frustrating, I haven't had a picture some Saturday's
but today I have one and can't get it on. Such is life.

I'm knitting a pink pig. I have the body done and just
did the arms, now I need to sew together the arms and
stuff them. It doesn't look like much yet so haven't
taken a picture yet. After I sew and stuff the arms,
then I sew the body together and stuff that, then I will
take a picture.

So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

A Trip Down the driveway (Picture Heavy)

We own about 5 1/2 acres. There is about 2 acres down below the
house and about 2 acres of woods to the left of the driveway.

Our driveway goes all the way around the house, and our house
faces up the hill. So as I came out of the front door, I
turned right and saw this wide open tulip. The picture almost
looks like some other flower.

Yesterday when I walked with my hubby down the hill, I wished I
had my camera. So today I took it and walked down myself. I
loved the colors across the acreage near the neihbor house over

Then I was walked down the drive, I saw another view of the
colors farther down the hill. Isn't it pretty?

As I approached the bottom of the drive I took a picture through
the trees of the field across the street, that a farmer uses.

Closer to the bottom, the field view opens. When we moved here
24 years ago, we made sure the farmer wasn't going to sell his
land, as we didn't want our view defaced. Maybe 8 years ago the
father died, and we worried, but the sons seems to be keeping it
in the family. They plant corn one year and then soybeans the
next. Field rotation or something. The corn is just field corn
and soybeans too. Use them for feeding animals. At the moment it
has just been turned over, in preparation for further stuff. Never
plant in this neck of the woods before May 15th.

Then I turned back up the long drive, and hubby was nice
and made a seat about half way up, so we can sit and rest
before going the whole way. The trees it is attached to,
are now dead, so not sure how long the seat will remain to
be sat on.

Maybe it will last the next 4 years, because then we plan to sell,
hope the market is better then. Hubby retires then and we want
to move, and I told him we have to go warmer. At this point in time
we are thinking of Albuquerque, New Mexico. But who knows if this
will stay true through the next 4 years. I'm tired of the snow.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down and up the drive.

As for knitting, I started a pink pig, for my granddaughter
who is 4 years old and loves the color pink, and pigs.
Only half way up the left leg so far. Need to get it

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Sky?

Well, there is no Saturday sky picture today. I forgot. Silly
me. Thought of it while eating lunch today, but then forgot by
the time I finished it. Such is life.

Well, I tried on the top of the tilted duster and guess
what. It didn't fit. The sleeves were long enough for
me which was great, but the fronts did not meet over my
big bust, and the back was way too short. So, I decided
that wasn't my cup of tea, and tossed it. Didn't feel
like trying to unravel it or anything. It's gone.

So, I have recently found a pig pattern on my Knitting
page a day calendar. I found some pink acrylic yarn
and am going to knit it for my granddaughter. After
that I just may start the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan.
I think there is a picture of the pattern if you look
back in the older pages on my blog. Just found it
back on July 21, 2006. Didn't realize I've had the
pattern so long. I think I will
be ready to tackle it. We'll see. Actually with the
size problem I had with the Duster, I may just go
through the measuring in Big Girl Knits, so that
the Fair Isle sweater will come out a better size.

Did some wash and listened to audio books, knitted
a bit on the pig, etc.

So, I've been knitting