Friday, April 03, 2009

Hello all,

Rain! Yes we needed it but boy it came down around noon
today. I was driving home from the dentist and it was
coming down so hard, my wipers were on as high as they
could go and the rain was still overcoming them. We
drove relatively slowly due to all the water coming
down. The whole way home and a while after getting
home it came down like blazes. Later, when I went
out to the post office it was just raining normally.
Oh, I couldn't eat lunch till late due to a numbed
mouth. Isn't that the way. Luckily the next appt.
next month is after lunch.

It also decided to rain last night as I was coming
home from my Knitting Guild meeting in Whitehall,
about a 45 min. drive. Towards home it stopped
for a while, but then as I was coming down our
road it started up again. I was glad I was able
to pull into the garage.

The last time I saw rain come down like it did
around noon, was when we lived in Florida. I
can remember it was raining so hard on a major
road I was on, that I pulled over to the side
of the road until it slowed down. Down there
it rained every day around 5 PM. My kids loved
jumping in the puddles when it was done.

So, I've been reading the Kindle and the book
I got about walking 10,000 steps each day.
I got my pedometer this week on Tuesday, so
the first week, we are supposed to use as a
baseline once we add it together and divide
by 7. Then we can work on getting above
our baseline. So Wednesday I did 5786 steps
and yesterday, Thursday, I did 7829. So far
today, I've done 5311, but I'm not done the
day yet. Maybe I should walk around the house
outside before I watch TV.

So, I knitted at my Guild, starting a sweater.

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