Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Early Sun

I was sitting at the dining room table eating, when I
glanced out the window. To my surprise, the sun was
just touching the ridge across the valley. It looked
so cool, I immediately got my camera out and went out
to the porch to take these photos. This first one, you
can just see the sun touching it from the distance.

For this photo, I used the telephoto on the camera, so you can
really see it. I just think it looks cool, hope you do too.

When I looked a little while after taking these photos, the sun
had passed it, and it looked darkish on the ridge again. So
I must have looked at the optimum time. That doesn't happen
often. There are houses on the back ridge and once or twice a year
I can see the sun just light up one of the windows of one of the
houses. Didn't ever take a picture of that though.

I was working on the left front of the tilted duster,
doing the decreases for the armhole and goofed up. Had to rip
out about 5 or 6 rows. Used a smaller needle to pick up the stitches.
Now I've worked back and it says I should have 21 stitches. Well
I must have something else wrong as I have 34 stitches.
Need to see what I've done. Didn't have this trouble with the
right front. Oh well. Maybe putting it aside for a while will

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Sky

Took the sky picture around 3:45 PM. Forgot earlier. It's
quite cold today. Haven't been out much yet.

This is as far as I've gotten on the left front of the
Tilted Duster. Haven't touched it since before Thanks-
giving. Time to get it done.

Thanksgiving was fine. We only had Hubby's cousin, Rob,
for dinner. We were supposed to have two Ecuadorians, who
are returning home next week. Turned out they had to work,
so we had more food than we needed. I had made a pumpkin
pudding, as hubby can't eat gluten, so no crust. Both men
proclaimed it yummy. Just like the pie, without the crust.
I topped it with whipped topping. Hubby is managing to eat
the other puddings I still had.

So, will get back to knitting now

Monday, November 19, 2007


The snow started yesterday, lightly, and the trees
were so pretty with light snow on them. Then over
night we got a little over 4 inches, but it is still
snowing. Supposed to stop by 5 PM ending with Rain
or something. Such fun.

Have been working on the left front of the Tilted Duster.
Was going to take a picture of it, but thought I all ready
had. So will do so next time.

From here, I can see through the house to the deck outside the
window. It's covered with snow, several inches on each edge.
And that it is still snowing. The schools were closed and
Curves closes with the schools. I might go to the post office
as snow is melting from the driveway where hubby blew the snow
off. We'll see.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Sky

Took this around 9:30 AM, decided to update this blog early
on Saturday for a change. It's supposed to rain and maybe
snow, but hubby is outside blowing leaves off the driveway.

This is the Tilted Duster. Finished the right front and cast
on for the left front. Need to have the fronts done before
December 6 and our Knitting Guild meeting. I want to make my
hubby a hat for Christmas, so will hurry to finish the left

It's getting colder. Winter is coming, not my favorite time
of year. I'm looking forward to over 3 years from now, when
hubby will retire and we will move to a warmer place. No more
snow for me I hope.

For now I will knit, and stay inside more often.

So, I've been knitting.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Sky

I'm posting this 9 PM at night, but I took the picture around
1 PM this afternoon. Rainy, a tad snowy, cold.

This a picture, not a very good one, forgot to turn on
the light I think. It is the progress of the Tilted Duster
so far. Have to knit St.St. until the armhole measures 9 or
10 inches or something. Not there yet.

Tonight we went to a going away party for a man and his son
who are from Peru and are going home. They've been here
over 4 years. His children at home will be quite grown up I
think. Here they are playing and singing which they like to
do in Spanish of course. Most of the people at the party speak
Spanish, except me and another couple. Hubby speaks Spanish a
little. The father didn't learn English but the boy learned it
pretty good. Of course the songs they sang were in Spanish. I
think they are leaving for home in 2 weeks.

It was so noisy at the party, it was a relief to leave. Peace
finally. Are Spanish speaking people more noisy? Maybe not,
maybe every party that there are that many people there, it's

This month we are supposed to get the fronts done of the
Tilted Duster. I better get busy and finish the back,
so I can start on the fronts. Since it is Empire waisted,
the back and fronts aren't that big.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday Sky

Doesn't look like a wonderful sky, but rain is not
predicted and it doesn't feel like rain, just chilly.
Took this picture around 11 AM today.

This is the progress I made on the Tilted Duster.
A little hard to take a picture of it, because it curls
like crazy due to the St. stitch. Before I started I
had rolled one of the hanks to get started. Well I was
knitting on it during my knitting guild. All of a sudden
I ran out of yarn. First I thought I had knitted the
tail end, but no, I had run out of yarn. Had to stop
as I hadn't rolled any other hanks yet. So, the next
day, I put 5 more hanks onto the swift in their turn
to be rolled. This is the back, and have decreased
for the armhole indents. Just need to knit until the
armhole measures the right amount.
We are to get the fronts done by next month.

I was supposed to go to Scranton to a meeting this morning,
but decided last night I wasn't going to go. So slept
to around 9 this morning. Hubby's cousin came over from
New Jersey, but at the moment they are at a friend's house
cutting down some trees he wanted taken down. The cousin
has a metal detector he wants to use on our acreage to see
what he can find. Hubby was silly and buried some pennies
here and there.

So, I've been knitting