Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Sky

Walked out the front door and although I have to look
up, as we face the hill, I took a picture of the sky
from there around 2:30 PM today. Different trees

This is the progress on the sock I'm making. I had frogged
the red sock I was working on and changed to Sockotta yarn in
a blue colorway instead. So, haven't gotten very far yet, but
slowly working on it.

Not working on anything else at the moment. Weird. Usually
have at least one other and usually two other things on needles
at the same time. Maybe I should find something to make for
the new girl granbaby. Haven't sent anything since the first
package of a baby blanket, bibs, and a pink bunny I put together
from a kntted square. She's about 4 months now, so need to
figure out what else to make. Any ideas?

So, I've been knitting.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Sky

Very nice weather today. The temps yesterday were nice
too, but it rained, and then remained cloudy all day.
We took a trip over to Frackville this morning. Nice
day for a drive. But didn't take the picture until
we got home. Silly me.

Oh, I got my invite to Revelry yesterday. It's great!
If you are there all ready, tell me your sign up name,
and I'll check it out. Mine is Knittingdeb.

Well, the socks I was knitting, got frogged. Didn't
like what I had done. So, changed the yarn to
Sockotta, and starting again. Just a row or two so
far. Haven't picked it much late, been busy on the
computer doing different things and listening to
audio books.

So, not much knitting