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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Belated Saturday Sky and Temple Trip

I did take this photo at a rest stop as we traveled to
Palmyra, NY. yesterday, so none of my trees in the shot
for a change. Just a few light posts and it looks like
the slice of a sign.

It takes us about 4 hours to get to Palmyra to the Temple. We left
our home about 7 AM. We went to Stroudsburg to pick up the couple
who was going with us. Left there about 7:35. My hubby did all
the driving. We got to Palmyra early as we didn't have to be at
the Temple until 1 PM. The couple we took hadn't seen the history
sites, so we first went to Cumorah Hill where the gold plates had
been hidden. Joseph Smith was led to the plates by the angel
Moroni. Of course Joseph Smith was able to interpret the plates
into the Book of Mormon. Anyway, at the top of the hill today
is a statue of the angel Moroni stands. It's hard to take
a full on picture as Moroni faces out towards the view. Just
looked at the picture again. The flag post is more prominent
than Moroni. That's the statue in the distance, silly me.

As we walked towards the monument I noticed the view and
snapped a picture of that.

We also visited the Joseph Smith farm, and the couple we took
speak Spanish, so they found a Spanish speaking missionary to
take them on the tour, so that was nice. Hubby also speaks
Spanish somewhat and that's one reason we ended up taking them.

Then it was time to get to the Temple. We made sure the
Spanish speaking couple got tags so they could be helped.
A number of people from our ward were there and so we all
went to the same session. It was very nice. The Temple
is a special place for us and we like to go fairly often.
Sorry I didn't get a closer picture. Didn't think of it
till we out at the car afterwards.

After the Temple we took the couple to see the print shop they
have restored, where the Book of Mormon was first published.
Then we had a meal at a Chinese restaurant which isn't my
favorite type of food, but everyone else liked it, so I
suffered it too. After that we started the trip home. We
didn't leave until around 6:30 PM. So we didn't get the
couple back until 10:30 and then got home ourselves at
11:00 PM. A very nice but very long day. Hubby was certainly
tired of driving.

We had been planning to ride with another couple and the
Spanish speaking couple in a minivan. But the minivan
broke it's transmission, the day before the trip. Guess
we're glad it worked until we were on our way and then
broke. So that's another reason we took the Spanish
speaking couple. By the way, I don't speak Spanish.

So, if we had been riding in a minivan I probably could
have knitted. But in hubby's car, sitting in the front
I get sick knitting there. Not fun.

So, no knitting lately

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Granddaughter's First Birthday

My fifth granddaughter is turning 1 this Sunday. She's the first
of my Son's and daughter-in-law child. I sent a card, and then
went to K-Mart Wednesday and got this toy for her. It's a block
sorter. You know different shaped holes with matching blocks that
fit the holes. Also makes a noise that I think will get on the
nerves. Emailed my son and let him know about the noise and there
was probably a battery place somewhere.

Well, it's been since Saturday, and can you see the difference
in the amount of buds that have bloomed. You can scan down
and see how they looked Saturday.

This is the neighbor's forsythia across the acreage. Used the
telephoto today.

This is ours.

I'm still shuffling things to make room for the blocker board. Might
start blocking by Monday, as I'm busy this weekend.

So, still not knitting

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Sky this time

This is the Sky this morning. Looked like rain, but then
the sun came out and it's been a nice day. Warm at 69.

Turns out that I couldn't download the pictures because
the picture thing had gone behind my browser and didn't
see it until I closed the browser. Odd.

Now that I look at this picture better, I see if is very
hard to see the forsythia in the middle of the trees. I
should have used the telephoto. Anyway, that stand of
forsythia is bigger and more developed at the moment than
the ones on our north side of the hill. I could see them
better than the camera could I guess. You can see the
difference between the Sat Sky pic and this one, as the
sun has come out and the sky is clearer.

Working on making a space so I can place the blocking
thing so I can block my Titled Duster.

I started a sock last weekend, but only cast-on and did
one row I think. Been busy both reading one book and
listening to another. At different times though. I'm
reading vol.2 of the Work and the Glory by Gerald Lund.
Listening to Total Control, by David Baldacci.

So, no knitting last few days.
Saturday Sky and Forsythias

It is a warm day, high 60's I believe, the computer weather thing
says 68. The sun is now out, I can see if through the house out
the window. When I took the picture the sun was hidden.

This is our forsythia, just starting. The picture of the
neighbor's southern facing forsythia is much further along.
But after uploading this one, blogger would not let me upload
the other two. Such fun. Will try again later. Just looked
to see if you could see the sky but no, so will try again later.

So, I've not been knitting

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Picture Heavy catch up post

Well today was so nice I sat on the deck to look at the mail
I had just picked up from the post office. As I sat there
for a bit, I got out my camera and took some pictures.

This is the round part of the house seen from the deck
where I was sitting. You can see the satellite's TV
dish on the roof of the house. There is also one of
hubby's antennas for something or other. There are
8 windows in an arc around the view part of the room.
There is a screened open able at each end and the
rest are just large windows. You can see a small
one and maybe severak of the bigger ones. The
room is 35 foot in diameter. We use it as family
room and our bedroom believe it or not.

Here is a view of the deck from where I was
sitting on the top bench in the shade. There
are two levels of deck and it is not attached
to the house as the driveway goes all the way
around the house.

Next I looked to the right and took this one.
it's a view of our edge trees looking past them
to our neighbor's acreage.

This is looking south from the deck, we live on a hill
about half way up on the North side of the hill. So
I am not looking south but North I suppose.

Then I got up and turned around to take a picture
up the hill. Our house faces up the hill which is
a little odd. I had to put a note on the lower level
facing down the hill, so people would know that door
only goes into a garage and the front door is around
the other side of the house. The people who built the
house made the garage door with a porch like a front
door almost.

That was my afternoon stop on the deck enjoying the nice
temperature of 65 degrees. I have forgotten to post
for a bit missing two Wordless Wednesday's or maybe
three. Also missed the last Saturday Sky. So decided
to take some pics of our deck and surrounding areas.

I haven't knitted hardly at all. I did finish that
washcloth and am using it all ready. I want to
block the parts of the Tilted Duster I have done,
but haven't gotten that far yet. We got a new dryer
this week, and I forgot to take a picture of it.
We thought it was not working right, but hubby found
a blockage in the long piping for the exhaust. He
cleared it out, and now the dryer works fine. Odd.

So, no knitting this week.