Saturday, March 29, 2008

200th Post Blogversary

Wow, I missed my 100th post, but here it is 200. Hard to
believe that I've posted 200 times.

Here is today's Saturday Sky Post. Just took this
picture out from my balcony at 1:30. A clear, very
windy day. Better than the rain we've had for the
two previous days. Hubby was going to work in the
woods, chopping down a leaning tree, but he said
it's way too windy to be in the woods. He tried
blowing the sleeves, but they just blew back on
the drive. So he gave up. He worked on paying bills
and indoor stuff, and now he's napping.

This morning, I went to church to celebrate the birthday of
our Women's organization, the Relief Society. Didn't think
to take pictures, silly me. A group of us women from the choir
sang a song during the meeting. We saw a video and then a sister
spoke about the Society. Then we sang, and then a sister who
was born in England, told a story about two English young ladies,
who came to America and crossed the plains with a handcart company.
Then two sisters sang. Then we went into the gym and had a nice
brunch. So it was a nice birthday meeting.

This is the washcloth I work on when I can't pay much attention.
Took it this morning, and got to knit a few rows here and there.

Can you believe I am still working on those Tilted Duster sleeves.
Kind of afraid to finish them. Almost done one, with only 2 more
rows and then a bind off. Then will have about 10 rows on the other
sleeve to finish them. Can't wait.

Called my Mom the other night and my Dad is doing a little better.
So, we are not going down to see them yet. Not sure when but we
will see.

Gee, 200 posts. That's something.

So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Sky and a Baby Shower

Took this photo today around 11 AM I think. Nice but cold day.

The other night I went to my best Friend's Daughter's Baby
Shower. It's her second baby but she's expecting a boy this
time, and needed baby clothes for him. Didn't see passing
down her daughter's clothes. She got a lot of nice things,
and lots of clothes for her boy to be.

This is a baby blanket from my friend from our
knitting group. She's been knitting baby blankets as
she's a grandmother who's children and grand children
are having babies. She knit this one for Missy.

This is from Connie, who's first love is crochet, and she
crocheted this one for Missy. Connie's house is where we
have our knitting group. At group she is knitting baby booties,
a knitting project that is pushing her knitting a little bit.

Sorry the baby shower pictures are a little dark. Not sure if my
flash didn't work sometimes. Or maybe the ones where she is holding
up the blankets, the blanket takes all the light and leaves her dark.
Interesting that both blankets are yellow. I think when they started
them, they didn't know if it was girl or boy. By the way, I didn't knit
a present, I bought one. Silly me.

Tonight is a social at a friend from church's house. Made a cake
for it and now need to ice it. The last one I made for my birthday
I didn't wait long enough for it to cool, and it fell apart somewhat.
So, being careful to let this one cool more.

Didn't work much on my sleeves for the duster. A little frustrated
with them. Did a couple rows today.

The next time I blog, I think it will be my 200th blog. I missed
my 100th so trying to pay attention this time.

So I've been knitting

Monday, March 17, 2008

There is a contest over at Erica's blog. Go help her decide which closure to use on her new needle
holder, Glady. One who votes, might get a glady.

It was a cold day here in PA. It did reach 41, but it just
wasn't very nice, windy, etc. Even though it was sunny.
I stopped at McD's for lunch. Silly me. Oh, I still have
2 chocolate chip cookies in my purse. Forgot them.

Have to wind more yarn for the tilted Duster sleeves.
Ran out in the middle of a row. Such is life.

So, I've been kitting

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Sky, Snow and Dishes

Well, today has been busy. But first the Saturday Sky
taken around 4 this afternoon. Sort of warm today,
it was 51 here and where we were earlier it was first
low 40's and then 55. More about that down farther.

We went out about 9 this morning, and went over to New Jersey
to see some friends of ours. The husband is just recovering
from a brain aneurysm and doing very well. We stayed and talked
with them for an hour or so. Then we left. I got the pictures
put in wrong, so this one is when we came home today, we still
have snow. Now this is where it was snow blown, so it's still
there. We live on the north side of the hill, and always have
snow longer than others on south side of hills.

Anyway, while we were leaving our friends, we first stopped
at Don Pablo's and had lunch. Hubby had wanted to go there
on his birthday in December but didn't feel at the time that
he wanted to take the trek down to it. So, he made up for it
today. I just had a burger but he had a big dish of tacos and
burrito and what all. He was full when he was done.
So, next we went to Boscov's and looked at the dishes,
but didn't like the ones they had and they were somewhat
expensive. So then we went to Wallmart. They have lots.
Of course we didn't like each other's picks. Took us a
while to decide on this pattern. Funny thing it was my
first choice. We bought 2 packages as each one only
served 4. The only trouble with that is that you get
8 cups, and we don't drink coffee. I drink herb tea
occasionally but have some cute mugs I use for that.

So it was nice to see our friends today. He is doing very
well, and at this point he only mixes time up. He's just
found out that light outside means day, and dark outside
means night. But other than the time prob, he's doing
amazingly well. His doctor pointed out to him that he's
in very small percentage that come out of that virtually
with no problem. His wife is very happy.

I didn't take a picture of my knitting as I'm still
having trouble with the dumb sleeves. Just starting
the decreases for the sleeve cap. I had to take out
a few rows on one of them. How or why do I makes so
many mistakes?

So, slowly knitting

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sky and Rain

Well, it's Saturday, and it is raining. Went out on the
balcony and took the sky picture and as you can see the
sky is white, cloud covered and it is raining. Occasionally
it rains very hard, and then it lessens for a while. Did that
a few days ago also.

I wasn't as good this week at writing on my blog every day. I
suppose sometimes it easier than others.

Well, I did take out the binding off of the sleeves and picked
up stitches and knit a few rows on the sleeves. Then I noticed
that the place where I picked up stitches looked awful. So, now
I need to take it back to where I did that. I will try picking up
with a smaller needle and maybe it will look better. Picking up
stitches is not my favorite thing to do.

A very dim day and need lights on inside today.

So, I've been knitting

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sled Hill?

Well you remember a post or two ago, I mentioned hubby
asking people from church over to sled? Well, look
at it today. This a view from my dining room window,
looking over to where the sled run is and I see a lot
of brown grass, where once ice and snow were.
Yes, you can see the ice along the grass at the
back of the house. We do live on the north side
of the hill, so do keep snow longer then most. But
not on the sled run. LOL

I haven't knitted and those sleeves are mocking me.
Thursday night is the knitting guild where we are all
making Tilted Duster's. I bet most are working on the
duster part now. Oh well. Need to get those sleeves done
and maybe I can sew things together on Thursday night.
We'll see.

So, knit or die

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Snow almost gone

Well, the snow from Saturday is slowly melting. Actually
the driveway cleared up after hubby ran the snow blower.

Hubby invited for the second week in a row, people from
church over for sledding. By Monday when they would come,
it warms up and the snow is gone. It is supposed to be warm
again tomorrow, and no doubt the same as last week, it will
be almost gone tomorrow. Well, it is March which always
gives us weird weather.

I think I will knit when I get off the computer. Want to
get those sleeves done.

So, will be knitting

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Sky Snow

Looks like we got about 3 inches of snow last evening and
night. Temps around mid 30's, so driveway might melt once
it is snow blowed.

I just turned the camera down as hubby was down running
the snow blower down by the bottom of the driveway. If
your can't see him, click on the photo to make it bigger.

I did not take a picture of the Tilted Duster sleeves. Just
look back a ways to see them. Working my way with first 6 rows on
one, and then 6 rows on the other.

Once I finish these sleeves it will be time for me to put
together the top of the duster. Then I will have to pick
up stitches around the bottom of the top, to make the duster
part. Then after that I pick up around the neck to make the
collar. Such fun. Hate picking up stitches.

Well, snow again. Hope it doesn't happen all through March.
Hard to believe it's another month all ready. Time does
seem to fly.

So, I've been knitting