Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Sky

Nice weather lately, in the 70's. Warm enough but
not too warm. I haven't been outside much at all
today. Weird. Maybe I should go out and knit on
the deck before the sun sets. Anyway, good picture.

There are no updates today. I've been trying to
learn to knit 2 socks at a time on 2 circular
needles. I've frogged it so many times with
only the cast on and the first row. I get
one side done, and then move to the other
needle and then it's all screwed up. Needles
in the wrong places. Couldn't make heads
or tails about it. After about 4 froggings,
I decided to go back to knitting 1 sock
at a time on 2 circulars. So, I only
cast on and did one row. No problems
so far. But the last socks I did which
were my first pair were on 2 different
color needles of the same size. I could
not find two circulars in size 2 that
were different colors. So I have 2
size 2, 24 inch Addi Turbos. Well actually
they are size 1 but I measured them on
my stitch counter and they are really
size 2. My one question is how do I
know which oneto start on. I made the mistake
of putting the stitch holder in
between the needles. I suppose
I should change it to only one
side, then it would be easy.
Should have thought of that.
So, not update on that this

I have not even touched the
smile scarf, since I've been
trying to get these socks
started. Silly me.

We're leaving on vacation on
Monday, and I wanted to take
socks to work on. Well, I will
take them to work on, but only
one at a time. We'll be gone
next Saturday, so don't look for
a Saturday Sky. Well, if I can
find a computer at the hotel we
are staying in on Saturday, I
can probably take a picture
where we are and post it.
We'll see.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday Sky

Plain blue sky today. Although as we walked around the
house, we did see one very small cloud over the mountain.
It is 70 degrees and windy. Hubby loves the weather, but
it is a little cool for me. So, slightly lower angle than
usual, since I usually stand on the balcony outside the
kitchen, which is on the second floor. Today we were
just walking around the driveway, which goes all the
way around the house. We wouldn't have done that, the
people we bought it from years ago, did put the
drive all the way around the house. I guess it's
convenient, but I still don't like it.

This is the only update. I had frogged this Ballband
dishcloth and now it's back to about where I frogged
it. Looks better this time.

Did not work on the Smile scarf at all since Wednesday.
Only a few more long rows to go I think.

Thinking about making the invisibility shawl from the
Charmed Knits book I got this week. I have that yarn I
frogged from the other shawl I was trying to make.
Am I ready to try another lace shawl? We'll see.
The gauge square is in pattern, so guess that
will tell me whether I can stand doing lace

So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sock Update

I finished the socks that I knit on 2 size 4 circular
needles. It's worsted yarn, Patons Canadiana
Colours Yarn. 100% Acrylic in a Plum color.
Washable and Dryable which is great for socks.
Trouble is they are so thick, they don't even
fit in my sock holder thing. They will be
good socks for the cold winter. Might not
fit in my shoes even, although they do fit
my feet, so they may be good for padding
around the house in the winter. LOL

I am so glad they fit. It's interesting that
the 2nd sock is a little tighter than the 1st
one. Maybe washing will get them more
equal. Wonder if I was knitting tighter
with the 2nd sock as I knew better what
I was doing after doing the 1st one.
They are not perfect, with little
imperfections. But for a first pair
of socks, not bad I guess.

Oh, got the sock pattern from my Sole Solution software.
Put in my specs and it prints out a pattern. Easy
to follow also. And yes, they fit my size 11 feet.

Now, I need to go to my Lys and get smaller 0 or 1
29" or bigger size circs., so I can use sock yarn
for the next pair of socks. I like making them.

So, after I finished the socks yesterday, I started a
Ballband dishcloth. I''m sorry to say that today,
while I was teaching knitting class at church, I
managed to pretty much screw up the dishcloth.
So, when I came home I frogged it and started

Still slowly working on the Smile Scarf. The row
is so long and getting longer with every increase,
that I only do one row at a time. Didn't even pick
it up today.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Sky

Took this from the balcony around 9:30 this morning.
Start of a nice Sunny day with maybe some rain later.
Thinking about going out to the deck and knit, we
will see.

I am now working on this Smile Scarf from One Skein Wonders.
The yarn I got from a secret Pal Bronwyn, its called Muench
"Touch Me". She called it a Luxe yarn. It is yummy and
soft. It's a blend of 72% Viscose/Microfibre, and 28%
New Wool. It's a small 61 yd. skein. But need only
one of them for this Smile Scarf. It's ruffled, a
neck scarf. Think I'm on row 9.

This is an update of the sock. I just started the toe decreases.
Yes, I am a slow knitter. Silly me. But I do finish things
eventually. LOL

This week, actually Thursday night, our knitting guild had
our yearly dinner out. We met down in Whitehall, PA at the
Don Pablo's restaurant. Only 5 of us showed up. We had ok
food. I'm not much for hot stuff. A sixth knitter showed
up an hour late, getting the time wrong. Several, not me,
had ordered dessert. So, she sat down, and ordered a dessert
and coffee. The chatting was great and it's a good group
of knitters. No one brings knitting to the dinner, but we
do talk about it. It was fun.

We are going to get the grill out for dinner. Unexpectedly
we are having 2 missionaries for dinner too. So got some
more sausages out of the freezer for dinner. I had only
bought a small steak for me, as hubby prefers Hot sausages
to grill and eat. Whatever.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday Sky

A nice day today. It was extremely hot yesterday, in the high
90's. Today it's more like 70. Nice clouds, nice picture
I think. It's taken from off my balcony again.

This is the completed Knitting bag. I finally finished it and felted it.
Today I cut a circle out of cardboard to put in the bottom, to hold it up
Wouldn't you know, I ran out of yarn for the last 3 cast off stitches.
The only wool yarn I had was some blue with colors wool. Not sure
where I got it, maybe from a secret pal. So, around the top there is
this small spot with 3 bluish stitches. I also had to sew the bottom
together with it, but that ended up on the inside, and with the card
board in it, you can't see it at all. I keep my different projects
in small blue bags that I got from joining book clubs. I think I
have 3 of them. Anyway, some projects are just too big for that
small blue bag. This Knitting basket will be just right I think
I put the pen on it, so you could get an idea of size.

This is the progress on the sock. Going slowly. I have a size
11 foot. The other sock looks quite long for that big foot. So
still have a ways to go on this one.

After I finished the washcloth with the Denim yarn, which I did
at Knitting Guild the other night. I thought I might as well
start making a Tribble. I think I talked about these a few
weeks back. Got the pattern from 1870 Pearl website. The
link is back there too I think. They make good scrubbers and
don't scratch any pans. Just found it, it's back in April.

Today we went to church for a Kid's social about Pioneers. It was fun.
My table was planting a seed. We planted Marigold seeds in egg carton
pieces that had been cut from egg cartons. By the time we finished
with all the different groups, the table was full of dirt. Good
thing we were outside. Silly me, could have taken my knitting, as there
was down time, and that would have counted for knitting in Public. It
is Knit in Public day. Oh well, I goofed. Best I can do, is knit out
on the bench on the hill, but that's on our 5+ acres, and not another
soul or knitter about. Maybe after hubby leaves for a meeting tonight,
I could go to McD's and order a coke or something, and knit while
sitting there. We'll see. So, why don't you go Knit in Public today.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Sky

It's been thundering for a while, so went out to take the picture
before it rains. It's now getting dark, so we expect to get
some rain which we need a lot. But not yet, I guess.

It's been very warm and humid. I've been staying in
the air conditioning. Although just went out briefly
for a walk around the house, and it was cooling down,
due to the imminent rain.

Promised some updates. Didn't make it in the middle of the
week, but here they are now. This is the washcloth I started
last week. Yes, I'm a slow knitter, have 3 projects on the
needles, which slows it even more. It's knitted in Peaches
and Cream Denim Cotton. Can I help it, I love garter stitch!
Cast on 40 stitches and knit.

This is an update on the second sock. Here it is, just finished
turning the heel, and done the gusset, and now I have to knit
the foot. Taking my time with this, as I know when I finish
this pair of socks, I want to buy 2 circulars in a 0 or 1 size.
Have to have money for that. LOL These socks are size 4 circs.

Ok, this is the Knitting bag. I've just done the row casting off
for the handles row. Next row will be adding stiches in to complete
the handles. Then just another inch of knitting. Been getting
concerned since the last skein is getting low. Luckily when I
measured last it was just about 13 inches. Did the 2 more rows,
and then the row for the handles. Will be done soon I hope.

We planted two plants in hubby's garden on Tuesday night. One is
a gardenia, and noticed a bit ago, that there is a flower on it
all ready. Cool. The other one is a ground cover that blooms
also, but though it looks healthy, no blooms yet.

So, I've been knitting