Monday, October 10, 2011

It's been a long time since I blogged. Sorry about that.
But I have been knitting. I have been working on this
Shawl, from Mason Dixon Knitting. It's called the Nina
Shawl. The one that they give directions for, is pink
and black. On the next page they give two other groups
of colors. When I went to my Lys, she didn't have the
type of cotton needed. So we found some yarn that would
work, and played with colors until I found these. I
didn't realize at the time that it is red, white and blue.

The other thing I am knitting is a Stacked iCord Cowl.
You can see the pile of iCords on the left. I am
working on number 5 with 2 more to go I think. The
pattern is from VK Live Magazine. It is a 6-stitch

Besides knitting I've been reading books on my Kindle.
The book at the moment is called "A Kiss of Adventure."
Sorry I don't remember the author, they only give
it at the beginning of the book.

I am also at times, reading the 2nd "Thirst" book.
I noticed at K-Mart that there is a 3rd 'Thirst'
book but will wait till I finally finish the
2nd one.

I mostly read my Kindle, but between books I
sometimes pick up the Thirst book.

So, we've been having several very nice days.
We know it's not going to stay warm. One
morning several days ago it was 36 degrees.
Today it was 80.

Well, I want to go read.