Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Sky and Knitting Funk

Well, a nice, but very humid and warm day. That's summer in the East.
Took this about noon.

Well, I haven't really knitted for quite a while. Not sure why,
guess it's just a knitting funk. The last thing I knit which wasn't
much, was the ear for ill-fated pink pig. Still need to knit a
matching ear. Just can't seem to do it. Haven't even felt like
picking up anything else to knit. Crazy. Maybe it will pass soon?

Hubby decided a couple weeks ago to go with a DSL modem instead
of the cable modem we had. Cheaper or something. Well, since
then, it was a Wednesday afternoon it was installed, Hubby
hasn't been able to get the Internet, by router to his
computer in the other room. He's been trying and trying
and no luck. Last week, he bought a wireless modem thinking
the wired modem we had wasn't working. Still didn't work.
Well, today, he decided it was time to figure it out. Well
after a couple hours he told me I could get on my computer
and get my email. Surprise, he figured it out. We both
could get on the computer at the same time, wonderful.
Oh, while he was trying, he could only get the Internet
on one computer at a time. Frustrating. Certainly glad
that's done with, and it works.

So, no knitting lately

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Sky

Took this photo around noon I think. It's a nice day,
but may rain later tonight. Guess we can always use
the rain, but my email friend in Denmark is having a
drought. Crazy weather.

Well, the pink pig. I reknit the ear that was wrong.
Now, it is different than the other ear. Can't win.
It's also huge, don't know what happened. Guess I
should start all over with the ears, and pay attention
to the directions and have them both look the same.
Frustration. Silly ears.

So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday Garden Seat

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Sky and Reflections

Took this picture around 1 PM this afternoon. Instead of
going onto the balcony, I went outside and walked around
to another view. It is a nice day but warm at 85 degrees.

Wednesday night we drove into Stroudsburg to church as Hubby
was to speak to the scouts about Electronics or something. I
read a book while sitting on a chair in the foyer. Then we
started for home, but hubby saw a soda place and wanted to
stop. He went inside to get some, and I sat in the car.
There was this big puddle on the parking lot and I noticed
the trees reflected in it. So, I got my camera out of my
purse, and opened the door. When I stood up, I couldn't see
the trees in the puddle, so I stepped away from the door
and hunkered down to take the picture. I love reflections
and shadows and things.

Well, last week, I said I would finish the pink pig.
Not yet. I did get the pieces of ears and nose out
of the bag. Decided I need to reknit the first ear
I did, as I misread the directions and it came out
pointy. So, haven't done any knitting yet, but
will soon. Then I will sew them on.

Yes, I am a good procrastinator. The granddaughter's
birthday is in July towards the end. So I have some

Hubby signed up to change to DSL Internet. We have
cable modem internet now. But DSL is slightly
cheaper. So Wednesday afternoon it will be
installed. We will see. Not sure about this.

So, no knitting this week

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Sky

Took this around 11 this morning. Noticed that most of my
Saturday Sky's look similar. I go out on the balcony on
Saturday and take the picture looking the same way between
the trees. Trees are too tall to look too many other ways.

No Knitting this week. Still procrastinating on that pink pig.
I think it's because it's sewing instead of knitting. Silly me.

Hubby went and help a family move their things onto trucks.

He's home now hot and exhausted. We have a wedding reception
tonight at church. A friend's son second wedding.

I promise to get that pig done this week.

So, no knitting

Wednesday, June 04, 2008