Saturday, September 29, 2007

Satu4day Sky

The days are being cool lately. Nice sky, but cool

I took this a few nights ago as we walked around the house,
the sky was so interesting. Went in and got the camera
and had to take a picture.

I've been sick this week, so no knitting. But I've been
listening to book on CD called 'Get Organized the Clear
and Simple Way' by Marla Dee. So, I decided to start by
organizing my yarn. The first thing she says to do is
Sort. So I sorted my yarns, and discovered that I have
lots and lots of Acrylic yarn. Never realized that before.

Then the amounts of Wool and Sock yarns were about what
I expected.

Same with the Cotton yarn.

So, now that it's sorted, I need to go through each box
and see if I love all the yarn. If not, I will pass
it on to someone else. I'm pretty sure I will pass on
some of that Acrylic yarn. But anyway, now I have to
go through each type of yarn separately and decide that.

I've had a cold all week, no fun. I was getting better
each day, but then had a relapse on Thursday. No fun
at all.

After I go through the yarn I will put the yarn by type
into those huge clear plastic bags I got a while ago.
That way I will be able to see my yarns. Since the
bags have zip tops it will be easy to get to the yarn.
I did have some of it in bankers type boxes in the
closet by color, but I could not see the yarn without
taking the box out and opening it. Clear plastic
should make it much easier. The yarn that wasn't
in the boxes was scattered here and there about
my craft room. Took a while to find it all, hope
I have.

So, no Knitting but sorting yarn

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Sky, Knitting, and Dish Network

What a day for Saturday Sky. Took this around 12:30 I
think and it's a gray day with no sun, and cloud cover.
It's warmish, no coat needed, and not even sure it
will rain, just gray.

This is my sock. I finally figured out how to do the
gusset. Crazy. It wasn't working and I couldn't do
it, when I was writing a letter to my folks, and
explaining I couldn't do the gusset, it came to me,
how to do it. So, sat down this morning and did it.
Hurray. So, just need to decrease as I work the

Ok, last week I took a picture of the sleeveless top
I was going to make, but I couldn't find another yarn
to go with the one I wanted to use. So then found this
one, which only uses the one yarn. It's the yarn that
I bought 10 skeins of at my LYS who was getting ready
to renovate and had a 50% off sale.

This is the little bit I've done so far on the sleeveless
top. It curls as it's done in St.stitch. Tried to get
it to lay flat but it wasn't cooperating very well.

Well, today we are getting the Dish Network installed.
We weren't sure it would work here as we are surrounded
by trees in the area it needs.

This is the dish that was attached to the chimney and
it works. Now He is having trouble as the cable
goes in the other room and then the TV in the living
room has to pick up the signal. Trouble is there is
2 outside walls between my TV and the other one with
metal siding. So, they are routing it through
the basement I guess.

Sorry for the not great picture, but this is the guy trying
to get the TV in living room to work.

Here's hoping he figures it out before he leaves.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Sky

Another week, and Blogger is doing something with the pictures.
Couldn't write until I got below them. Instead of being html,
they are actually the pictures. Odd. Anyway, took this sky pic
as usual from the balcony around 3:30 or so.

There was supposed to be rain this morning but didn't see any.
Sunny most of the day.

This is a Shell I'm going to make. The size goes up to mine
so that is good. I'm going to use the skeins of yarn I
bought at my LYS for cheap. The worsted size Plymouth
Encore Colors. Just doing the gauge square first.

We just got home from a wedding reception of a friend's
second daughter that got married today. We were bad
and left before they served the cake. Hubby had to
still pay the bills.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday Sky

Hot day today. Took this picture around 11 AM this
morning. We have the air on today.

Progress on my sock. Just turned the heel. Need to
do the gusset next. Got this far at my knitting guild
on Thursday night. Had time to do the gusset but didn't
feel like tackling it there. Will work on it later today

Last Saturday, my Lys was having a 50% off everything
in the store except their own yarns. The store is part
of a yarn factory. Anyway, even though the store was
terribly crowded, I managed to find this Sockotta yarn
for a pair of socks for me of course as some point.
Haven't seen that many Knitters and Crocheters in one
place in a long time. Waited in line for 2 hours.

While I was waiting in line, we passed an area where this
yarn was in a package of 10 skeins. Liked the colors, so
picked it up. That will be enough for a sweater at
some point. Just photographed the one since the rest
are still in their plastic covering. It's Plymouth
Colors yarn. Some percentage acrylic and the rest
is wool.

When I got my yarn home, I added the yarn to cards. I keep
all my yarn listed on cards with yardage, and all the info
on them. That way, when I want to make something, I can use
the cards to see what I have. Each card also has a piece of
the yarn attached to it also. Don't think I have all my stash
listed as yet, but did the new stuff anyway.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Sky

Another very nice day. I went to my LYS this morning,
as they were having a 50% off sale of everything but
their own yarns. Evidently they are going to renovate
the store and need to get rid of all they can to do that.

Forgot to take the Saturday Sky picture until I got
home. So that was taken around 2:45 PM. Did I tell
you I was in the line for check out for 2 hours?
Never saw that many knitters all together. Talked
to the older woman in front of me most of the
2 hours. We even walked down the hill, me to
my car and her to her home.

The only thing I am working on at them moment
is socks. Just working the heel flap at the
moment on this first sock, from Sockotta yarn.

The local West End Fair was going all this week.
We went Monday night, then I went Wed. morning,
got my hand stamped when I left and we both
went Wednesday night after dinner. That ate
into my knitting time a bit this week.

So, I've been knitting.