Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Sky and New Years trip

I took this picture around 5 tonight or maybe a tad earlier.
As you can tell from the trees, it is snowing.

Ok, the rest of these pictures are in no special order, I
goofed when putting them in, and I tried moving a couple
and then it's too hard to figure where they go. Anyway,
this is the lighthouse on the outer banks of North Carolina,
in Hatteras. It was the nicest one. You couldn't go in it
but just take pictures of it outside. There was a museum
to the side of it, maybe in the lighthouse guide's old house.

This happens to be a picture on the very long bridge tunnel,
well really the seagulls on the bridge. We took that bridge
both going and coming home. I think this picture is from
the trip home. I think it's cool that I got one taking off.
They were all sitting there on the fence, when I was getting
ready to take the picture and just as I snapped it, the middle
one started to take off.

Now this picture is on the outerbanks near the house we rented with
our youngest, his wife and baby. This is Ben and my husband trying
to fly a kite. It wasn't real windy that day, and you had to get the
kite up really high so it get the wind up there. (sorry I didn't get
any pictures of the kite. Later in the week, it got extremely windy
and cold. Ben and his wife tried to get it up later
on the very windy day, and don't think they had any luck.

I took this picture of this lighthouse. It was on the way home,
we stopped to see it. Can't tell you where exactly it was, but
somewhat north of where we stayed. It's just a plain one, we liked
the Hatterus one the best. We saw another one farther out on the
way home, it had the stripes squarely around, so a little different
than the lower ones, but didn't stop for pictures. We wanted to get
to hubby's sister and brother-in-law house.

Ok, this is back near the house we rented, it's Ben and his wife
flying the kite. You can see the handle in his hands. The kite
is way up there, and not in the picture.

These last two pictures are of Wynnie, our granddaughter. This
one is a closeup, or as close as I could get without disturbing

Here she was digging in the sand or something. Couldn't quite tell.
She's about 1 yr 9 months old. Her birthday I think is in March.

Well, I didn't take any pictures of the hat I'm making. I worked
on it a lot on vacation, then ran out of yarn while doing the
decreases near the top. I'll try to remember to take a picture
of the finished hat when I get it finished. Need to do it.

I also took the first class of two, about making a hat
on one 40" circular needle. I bought the needle that
night as I didn't have a size 8 40" circular. It was quite
tightly curled and didn't want to behave. So, I did a couple
rows, figured out that from the teachers instruction and then
left early, as I knew how to do it, and I needed to soak that
needle in hot water for a while. I won't cast on again until
the hat is finished. The next class is in 2 weeks.

So, I've been on vacation, and did some knitting.

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