Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving All!

I finished the Baby Sweater!
It's ready to mail today. Yes, a day later than I said, but at least it's done. Yes there are mistakes, and it's not the most beautiful but it will do. I reminded Jenny that it was my first knitted sweater.

So, after Thanksgiving or maybe later tomorrow, I'll pick up one of my other projects. Maybe I'll work on the sweater for me. At least that's in the round, and I'll only have to sew on the sleeves I think. Or maybe not, haven't read that far in the directions yet.

So, did the sewing, crocheting and getting ready to mail.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2003

Haven't yet today picked up the sweater to finish yet, but will do so this afternoon by hook or by crook.

Hubby's car, (deer hit) was picked up today by the Fixit place. So didn't have to pick up hubby anyway. He's driving the rental, a GMC Envoy. We took it on a trip yesterday up to Honesdale, PA, and we decided we both like our own cars better. The Envoy is just too big for us.

Gearing up for Thanksgiving. Got the Turkey out of the freezer and into the refrigerator to start thawing. It's a 20 lb. big one. We have some people coming which will be nice. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving too.

no knitting, but will be seaming.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

It's been a while since I wrote. Since I was still procrastinating on that baby sweater, I didn't want to write. So after writing to my daughter about it, she said there were all ready cool days in Texas and the baby needs the sweater. I picked it up and got it ready this morning and read the book again, and started seaming. Got almost to the end of the first seam, and realized a ridge was developing. Looked at the seam and the first inch or so was nice and flat, so I had to take that all out to that point. Frustration. So, walked away from it for a while. Before I got back to it, Hubby needed me, and so it will wait for either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I've promised myself I will finish it and get in the mail by Monday or Tuesday.

Anyway, my husband hit a deer on his way home from work last night. It jumped off a hill right in front him, so he couldn't avoid it. He's lucky he wasn't a second or two later or the deer might have jumped right into his lap through the window. The car is driveable but not pretty. He needed me to go to car rental place so he could pick up a rental. Instead of waiting till Monday, so he could take his car to the fix it place, and then get a rental. No, he had to do it today. Now I will have to pick him from work on Monday. Silly man.

Went to a Chili Cook off dinner last night at church. I drove as hubby was still shaky. They judged the chilies, while the rest of us had salad. Then the baked potatoes came out and the chili came out right behind them. A woman at our table said her chili wasn't hot, so I had her point it out to me. I do not like hot stuff. It was yummy. Funny thing was, that her chili was voted Hottest. Weird. She insisted her chili wasn't hot, but she got a package of cool mints anyway.

So, started sewing the sweater seam today.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Still procrastinating on sewing that baby sweater together. No excuse.

Hubby is taking down part of the walls between kitchen and dining room. He's doing the 2nd side tonight. Working on getting things in other rooms to keep the white dust that gets over everything away from them. Will put plastic over dining room table and hubby's desk, which is a mess, and close doors into other rooms. Trouble is, kitchen, dining and living room are open to each other, no doors. Such fun. He did the other wall last week, and I'm still cleaning things. Had to take my spices down today as my spice rack will have to go when he takes the wall down, spices had white tops. Oh well. Here we go again.

No knitting today.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

No knitting lately. We've been busy with finalization of ordering cabinets and countertops and a sink and faucet for my kitchen. Lots of decisions etc. Finally ordered it last night at Home Depot. Now hubby found something in the plan that wasn't taken care of. Oh well.
So hopefully now I can back to finishing that baby sweater, and then starting on one of my other knitting projects.

No knitting today.