Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello all,

Even though I don't have a Saturday Sky, I figured
I could still blog.

I think I have finally figured out ribbing. Here
I've been knitting for 12 years or so, you think
I would have found out before, silly me. Maybe
I did find out once, but then forgot, who knows.
Knit the knits and purl the purls. Maybe some
of the problem was I wasn't sure which stitch was
which. Maybe it's because I'm old, or something.

I made Zucchini Lasagna for dinner,(new recipe.)
Not the best tasting Lasagna even if it was only
5 Weight Watcher points for 1 piece. I assume
a meat lasagna would be more points? I'll have
to check. There is a lot of Zucchini Lasagna
left though and we should eat it, especially
before it goes bad, whenever that would happen.
It was only 2 levels, isn't a regular Lasagna
3 levels I think. I guess it's been a long time
since I made lasagna as it's a lot of fussy
steps. I used to make it a long while ago, and
I remember we used to use Sweet Italian Sausage
instead of hamburger. I might have to make one
like that again and just leave enough points for
dinner, how ever points that is.

Weight Watchers works! I am determined to lose
all the weight and keep it off. I have to lose
about 120 pounds. I've lost 57 so far. All ready
went down 2 sizes of pants. Ordered more underwear
also. Not too much, as it still is a ways to go.
One of the great things about Weight Watchers
is that you eat anything you want, just count
the points. At this point I get 26 points a
day. There is also every week, 35 weekly pts.
that you can use however you want. If you don't
use the weekly points, you lose weight faster.
I tend to use maybe 10 weekly points during a
week. But I lose 2-3 pounds every week, anyway.

Don't ask me when I started Weight Watchers.
I think it might have been October but not sure.
Oh, I had my 08 planner out for something else and
looked and it appears I joined on 22 July 08, So
I was wrong about October. In all that time I've
only missed 3 meetings. 1.sick 2. on vacation,
3. Icy driveway and I won't drive on it when it's
icy. Had an ice accident twice, once on the drive
way. So, ice I stay home.

I was charging my Palm Pilot before dinner.
When I started cooking, I put it up off the
counter onto some boxes. I was in the middle
of putting sauce on the lasagna when the
Palm slid off the box into the lasagna sauce.
Luckily it's in a case and only a tad got on
the actually Palm. Most was on the button tab
that got that sauce. Also the tab and the bottom
of the holder are leather or fake leather. Any-
way, it's easy to clean. only a tad got on the
bottom of the case which is a fabric of some sort.

I've been knitting on the hat with the Magic
Loop thing. I finished the ribbing, and next
is knit for 3 rows or 1 in and 1/8 long.
The pattern we were given, as I got it in a magic
loop class, is doing a checkerboard effect
at one point. So lots of different stitches
in this silly hat. It is wool, which will
be warmer than the acrylic hat I made which I
wear now. I've had the hardest time with the
Addi Turbo needle I got. It's not like the
others I have. The cable is awful. I've
taken off the stitches trying to get the cable
to relax twice. I finally got it somewhat relaxed,
although the magic loop workings make it not
relaxed somewhat. I need to figure out how to
put in a safety line. Wonder if Knitting
Help has a video on that. Otherwise when
I make a mistake, I have to do take it all
out. Oh, one of the times when I was trying
it again, I somehow got the yarn stuck between
stitches somehow. Got it stuck so tight
I couldn't knit it anymore. When I tried
to unravel it, I couldn't even do that it
was so tight. So I cut it off the yarn,
and tossed it. Being very careful this time
so that doesn't happen again. I watched a
couple magic loop videos and figured out
what I what I did.

So, I've been knitting, frogging, knitting
frogging, knitting, etc.

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