Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I made two scarves the past week or two. One was 10 stitches across and the other was only 5 stitches across and 5 ft. long. The 10 stitch one was blue, with both a furry yarn and a ribbon yarn. Ended up about 4 feet long. The 5 stitch one is redish with an orange furry one and blue, pink, yellow ribbon. I plan to send them to my granddaughter for Christmas. They live in Texas and it doesn't get chilly before then.

Can't figure out what to knit next. Maybe I should work on that hat that I put aside a while ago. Still working on the edge of that which is patterned. I have a larger head than most women, 23", so need to make it to fit me.

Got a new Planner. Took a Barnes and Noble free Class on Franklin Covey's Focus CD's. Helped me remember all the stuff I learned a few years back when I took coaching for a year from them. So ordered the new planner. Thought I was getting the right size but found I got the next bigger one. So, ordered a Binder to fit it. It's a bit bigger, but I find I like the writing space.

Anyway, try Barnes and Noble's free classes. They are cool, and you can learn lots. Taking a cooking class next. Classes start again at the beginning of Sept.

So, I've been knitting.

Monday, August 02, 2004

I finished the fulled bag and handle last week, but it's still sitting here, haven't gotten the nerve to put it in the washer yet. Wanted to try a knitted square first, but didn't have enough wool to do that. Frustrating.

Anyway, now I'm knitting one of those furry scarfs for my granddaughter for Christmas I think. It looks cool and feels so soft. I'm using a fun fur and a ribbon together to make it. It's basically blue with a little variation from the fur.

I ordered somethings from Franklin Covey and just found out it will take up to 3 weeks for it get here, as I don't have an address ( live in the country) and it has to come through the mail. Wierd. Can't figure out why it would take so long. I ordered a replacement planner that runs from July 04 to June 05. Of course July is gone all ready. Oh well. Sorry for venting.

So, I knitted.