Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Sky

Cloudy day with occasional showers. That was taken around 6 PM this
evening. We spent the day up in Scranton at a Preparedness Fair.
Hubby had to man a table about using a Generator. He's an engineer,
and knows about them as we have one, we used when the power was out
for 4 days and 3 hours. Helped a lot having water and freezer and
refrigerator as well as some lights, and the microwave for cooking.
By the time the power was back on, we were ready for it. Generator
made it doable, but it was a relief not to hear it any more.

Knitting another wash cloth. Found a pattern of strait knit, that I
really like, so keep making them. I keep this one near the computer.
Knit a few rows while computer is turning on, or uploading these
pictures to blogger, or while listening to my iPod. I like the
way the yellow yarn is pooling. Of course it's Peaches & Cream

This is my progress on the Knitting Basket. I put my Monk and Blue Flu
book in it just to show it off better as it has a white cover and the
yarn is so dark. This will be Felted once I get it high enough.

I worked on the sock on 2 circular needles today at the Fair. Turned
the heel, but picking the stitches back up, I did something wrong.
Picked them up with the wrong needle or something. So will try to
sort it out tomorrow. Hope I won't have to frog anything. Might have to
use a third needle to hold stitches till I figure out where they go.
So, no picture yet.

So, I've been knitting.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Sky

Beautiful Day today. Took the picture around 11:00 this morning.
Nice to see a wonderful sky picture. Was just outside enjoying
the 70's temperature with a nice wind. Sat on the deck knitting
on my sock. But then it got hot, and the next thing is the heel,
and I didn't feel like tackling the heel yet. So I came in.

This is the sock I'm knitting. First sock, worsted yarn, k2,p2
top of sock. Have to get up the nerve to try the heel. Shouldn't
be too bad. We will see. Used Sole Solution program on my computer
to generate the pattern so it's fits me. Years ago, I made a
pair of socks to a pattern somebody had, and they don't
fit me. So this one from Sole Solution has my measurements
so it should fit. I have large, size 11 feet with a narrow heel.

This is a knitting bag I'm making. Got this pattern from Knit4ever web
site. So far I'm still knitting the bottom of the basket.
Using a Black Forest Wool yarn I got from a Secret Pal.
The knitting basket is felted when done knitting.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I think I'd rather be Professor Dumbledore, but such is life.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Sky

I think the Saturday Sky looks quite similar to others I've taken.
You might think that I just recycle pictures, but I don't. I took
this one just a few minutes ago. We have rain followed by heavy
snow due tomorrow and Monday. Guess the sky is getting ready for
that. Such fun. I have a Maxine Calendar and this month she says,
"This time of Year, the weather changes more often than a man with
a remote". How true.

This is a Tribble I made. Got the pattern from 1870pearl.

Use them to scrub things so use it by the sink. As you can almost see,
it's all ready next to the sink. You just use leftover cotton,
and I get mine leftover from making dishcloths. The pattern
is easy, you can find it on her website, on the right side
under tutorials, I think.

I'm just starting a washcloth for myself. I love knit washcloths.
It's just a plain one. Would have taken a picture, but it's only
a couple rows so far.

Found a button for the third bib by going to my good friend's house
and looking through her button box, since I can't find mine. Plan
to box the baby things and add a card and explanation of washing, etc.
in the box with it. The baby is due around the 22nd of the month, but
then you know babies and they come when they want. LOL

I've been looking at the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan that I have the
pattern and the yarn. Just haven't had the time or the inclination
to start it yet. Haven't yet made a sweater.

Just started knitting
a sock which I haven't yet done. Have about 2 inches of ribbing so
far. Will do that for next time. Forgot about it. Knitting it
on two needles, with worsted yarn. Was having trouble with 2 identicle
needles and sock yarn, so found two size 4 needles that one is pink
and one is green. Lots easier to work with. So that's why I changed
to Worsted yarn.

So, I've been knitting.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Sky

Dosen't look nice outside? Too bad it's only 35 and windy. Very
frustrating look out the window and then look at the temperature.
Well, Spring is like that, even here in the Poconos.

This is third bib I made. Just needs a button. The other two bibs
have novelty buttons, but none of the other novelity buttons look
good for a bib. Looked at the grocery store this morning, but there
small amount of sewing items only included shirt buttons. I know
I have a stash of buttons somewhere, but haven't found them yet.

This is the bunny that I made from a knitted square. His ears are the
only thing that were knit sperately. It was a 6" square, and he's
about 4 inches long.

This is front view.

This is tail. Knitted from an icord in white. Sewed on tight so a baby
can't pull it off.