Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hi all,

Just updated to Blogger's beta thing. Lost all my side line things. A little frustrating. Well, maybe I'll find other things to put there. We'll see.

It is a lot easier to move things around on my blog now. Looks like it will
be all right. I like blue, so now have a blue blog. Silly me.

Had a busy day yesterday. Went to donate blood and found out again for
umteenth time, that my iron is too low. I think I'm done donating blood.
Too frustrating. After that I went down to a K-Mart and bought baby gifts
for a shower in the afternoon. Came home, ate lunch, wrapped presents,
and got ready to go. Lots of ladies at the shower. She got a lot of nice
things. She's expecting a girl after having 4 boys. Thus the shower.
Immediately after the shower I had a Women's Conference that was
broadcast from Salt Lake City. So, by the time that was over, it was a
relief to have the day over.

So,still haven't been knitting.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Sky, Yuck, Rain.

By the way, this was taken at 2 PM today not at dusk.

Guess it's been since last Saturday that I posted. Silly me. Haven't knitted. Not sure why. Been busy I suppose. Tried to give blood today. My iron is one point too low. Haven't been able to give blood for quite a while due to low iron. Even now taking Iron pills. It has improved, but not enough to give blood. I've about had it, and don't think I will offer to give blood anymore. Too frustrating.

Losing weigt, or at least inches I think. Went down a size in Pants, which makes me feel good anyway.

Have had a cold sore since last Saturday. Used Abreva, doesn't seem to making it disappear sooner. Such is life.

Have a baby shower to go to in a couple hours. Then tonight there is a Woman's broadcast at church tonight. Why does everyting happen the same day? Oh well.

So, not been knitting yet.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday Sky

It's a nice day today. We've had rain for several days, so it's nice today for a change. Temps in the 70's. Hubby has been working outside all day so far. Across the driveway from the front of the house, he used to store cut wood, for the wood stove, on the hillside. Well, we haven't burnt wood now for many years. So the wood on the hill, the stuff on the bottom has decomposed somewhat. We've had an Ant problem this year. First small ants and then the big Carpenter Ants. In our bedroom no less. So, hubby found under some of the wood, lots of ants. Maybe this is where they are coming from? So, he sprayed them and dug out all the wood. Now the hillside needed top soil. So he finished digging out the wood. I went out and pointed to places that had wood in it for him. Now he has had topsoil delivered, and is now spreading it onto the hill. Lots of work. He's a Saturday warrier and will pay for it tomorrow. Sore muscles etc. By the way, we haven't had any more ants in the house, so I guess that's where they were coming from.

Here he is shoveling dirt, with the hillside, and the new topsoil at the bottom of the picture.

So, that's what he is up to. I've been busy finishing a book I've been reading.
Read while eating lunch, and continuted till I finished. You know how it is when you are almost done.

I've joined the Chocolate Swap. Tried to get the button for it, and can't seem to do it. Been slowly getting together some chocolate, found a box. Need to get to a yarn store and find some chocolate yarn. Haven't gotten our pals yet, maybe this weekend. But good to be prepared.

Still haven't knitted. Silly me.

So, no knitting

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hi all,

Rain, today and tomorrow. Such fun. But suppose we can use it.

Should pull out my knitting and work on it. Silly me.

Well, the day is passing me by, better get busy.

So, not knitting yet.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Sky

Should have taken this earlier, as when we were eating dinner,
there were some really cool clouds. Such is life. Sorry for
the corner of the house in it. I took it from the garden on
one side of the house.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Test Your Personality. Here's mine.

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Well, I just joined Saturday Sky also. Had a little trouble
getting it in the right place on my blog. Of course the
html for it is at the bottom of the things on the right. Such
is life. One of these days I will have to learn html.

Went to my knitting guild last night. We had a class on
Knit to Fit. Changing patterns to fit where dimensions of pattern
don't fit dimensions of person for which you are knitting. Now,
translating what I learned into something knitted will be interesting.
Not sure I am ready for that yet.

Have not been knitting lately. Need to get back into it. I'm a
tad busy with CYLC, or Change Your Life Challenge. The online
book has 70 days of info. You read one day at a time. Today
I will be on day 15. Let's see, a friend gave me the html to highlight
a URL. Will have to look it up and see what I can do. If I find it,
will post the URL for CYLC if your interested in my next post.

Let's see, will have to take a pic of the sky tomorrow and post it.

So, haven't been kniting lately.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Yes, I forgot. I posted all about my secret pal box of goodies, and
forgot to tell you that in the card she sent, she told me she's making
me a Harry Potter scarf, but ran out of yarn. So when she finishes she
will send it to me. Isn't she a sweetie?

We went out to dinner tonight. Went to the McDonalds near here that just
reopened after getting redone. Looks very nice now. Food is the same though.

We thought we might rent a movie tonight. But, couldn't find any worth watching.
Suppose it is Friday night, and most of the good movies were all ready checked

By the way, I like Harry Potter books and movies. Silly me.

So, not knitting yet.
Look what I got today.
It's from my Secret Pal, who's name is Crystal.

Here's the things that were in the box, before I opened each of them.

And here they are all opened.

She gave me so many nice things. The big book, is a Crossword Puzzle Dictionary. She made a cute cover for it, and it says, 'Magic Spell Book'. Cute. There is a skein of 100% Wool, and lots of Kool Ade to dye it with. She also put a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans in it too. Oh, there's a card too, in which she tells me her name is Crystal. I all ready know she lives in North Carolina. Check out her blog at Sorry, I don't know HTML so don't know how to make that clickable.

Anyway, Our knitting Guild is having a class on Kool Ade Dying in our October meeting. So now I have some yarn to try the dying with.

I guess I told Crystal that I do crossword puzzles, and that dictionary will sure help.

Haven't been knitting still. Silly me. Spend my free time reading lately. Will pick up that dishcloth one of these days.

So, haven't been knitting.