Sunday, October 26, 2003

I've been knitting! Went to a church meeting yesterday, and had to wait in the foyer for hubby for 2 hours, and started knitting a wash cloth. Got half of it done in those 2 hours. Then we went out to eat and back to another meeting. Then this morning we had another meeting, and we arrived an hour early to get a good seat. So during that hour I worked it quite a bit too. I managed to finish it tonight. Feels good to get something done that quick. Need that once in a while.

No, haven't yet sewed the baby sweater together yet. It's scary, never having done that before. Read the instructions a week or so ago. Guess I need to look at them again. Promised myself I wouldn't work on my sweater until I finished the baby sweater, and I do want to work on my sweater. I think I'm ready to start the bottom ribbing on the sweater, and then do the arms. Well, have to wait on that one.

So, yes, knitted today, and yesterday.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Well, I took the pins out and it looks like the baby sweater is keeping it's new shape. Now I'm procrastinating again, when it comes to sewing it together. There's not even that much to sew as it was knitted in one piece. Just the sew the sleeves around the underarm and to the bottom. Same thing on other side. That's it, and then I single crochet around the outside edges. Oh, need to find 3 small buttons for it too. No excuse, I will sew it together one way or another this weekend.

By the way I have joined a procrasting list, but so far this blog has been a better motivater.

No knitting today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Ok, telling you that I would write the blocking in my planner, worked. Before I went to exercise this morning I wet a towel and put it upon the baby sweater, it's acrylic. Set the timer for 2 hours, and went to Curves, and then came home a showered. When the time was up, I took the towel off and the sweater and it didn't really feel wet, so sprayed some water on it and then blotted with the towel. Then I pinned it to the sewing board, making sure fronts matched, etc. All it has to do now is dry, keeping the shape I'm giving it. We'll see if it works. Then I can sew the sweater together and it wants me to single crochet around the edges. Looking forward to getting it done.

So, not sure if blocking is knitting, but it must be.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I guess I'm procrastinating with this baby sweater. I did find the sewing board, I did put a towel on the board, and laid the sweater on the towel. All I have to do is put a wet towel over it for a couple hours, and then pin the sweater to the board and let it dry. So the sweater has been lying on the floor here in my craft room, and I've even stepped over it a couple times, and still haven't put a wet towel on it. Ok, tomorrow, I will absolutely do this. I'll even write it in my planner tonight so I don't forget.

An update on the kitchen. We got the bad news about how much it will cost, and have decided to forgo some of the plans we had for the kitchen, like a new pantry that was almost $1000. So we have another appointment with the planner, to change several things to bring the price down. We will still have a nice looking kitchen, without some of the little perks that cost a lot of money.

Oh, we got the new Washer on Monday. The guys installed it too, so I could catch up on doing wash. It holds a surprising amount of laundry. It has a small door, being a front loader, but the drum is extra large.

So, if I get that sweater done, blocked tomorrow and dried by the next day, I will put it together and then send it to my daughter. Then I think I will work on the raglan pullover I'm making for myself. Sure could use it this winter which is fast approaching.

So, no actual knitting today.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Lazy day, slept late for me, around 8 AM. Hubby paid bills, and then attacked a big pipe for the old furnace that ran through the laundry room. He cut it out of the laundry room to make room for the new washer that is a bit bigger than my old one. Trouble is it leaves a hole in the floor and ceiling. He put plastic around the little bit that hangs below the ceiling. He just bought insulation so he can put it in the bottom hole and then put plywood over the whole area to cover the hole and give a solid footing for the washer. I think he bought extra insulation so he can put some in the attic in places. Eventually I want him to make a utility closet in the leftover space, so I will have places for brooms and mops and buckets, etc. Might as well get some use in that extra space that the big pipe used to take up.

I signed up for a web cast about Microsoft Office today, and just got an email that says I have to call at the same time to get any sound. Bummer. Maybe I'll look for a bit and see what happens. No way do I want to call them for the hour they are talking. Hmmm.

Need to find the folded pads I used to use to put on the table to cut out patterns when I used to sew clothes. Think I can cover it with plastic and then pin the baby sweater to it in the position I want it, and then put a wet towel over it and let it dry. It's an acrylic sweater, and that's is kinda the way they said to do it. Maybe after the silly webcast I will look for the pad, and get busy with that.

Also have to call the drug store and see if my doctor gave them ok to fill my blood pressure meds, and if so, pick it up. Always something to do.

No actual knitting today, just blocking.

Friday, October 17, 2003

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Last night we bought a new washer as the old one stopped working. It's a front loader and a very efficient model. It will be delivered on Monday. I will definitely need to wash then.
After that we went to see the kitchen designer at Home Depot. He showed us all about countertops, I think I'm going to go for Corian one with the integrated sink. Then he started to enter the measurements of our kitchen into his computer. We then started adding cabinets, I chose a light Maple one. We only got one wall done, when we had to quit as it was past closing time. We have another appointment on Monday. It will be exciting to have a new kitchen.

Been thinking about the baby sweater that I have to block and sew together. Maybe this weekend I'll block it. Wish me luck.

No knitting today.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Guess, I should start at the beginning. I became interested in learning to knit last summer, and found a beginning knitting class online. I had knitted a baby blanket many eons ago, and it came out the size of doll blanket. So I needed to learn about gauge. The class didn't deal with gauge until the 7 th class or so. Didn't think that made sense. But at least now I know to knit a swatch first. I started knitting with something easy, a face cloth. Made 2 or 3 of them, and love to use them. Then I started a circular raglan sweater. The body is almost done, and then I have to do the sleeves I guess. It's been on hold while I made this baby sweater. Oh, I also made a pair of socks. Don't like them as I made them too short. I have since started another pair of socks (which I will make longer), but they are on hold too. Guess I'm guilty of starting more then one thing at a time. Now it's time I finish some of these projects.

Had an early meeting this morning and didn't get home till 1 PM. Tonight we are buying a new washer, as you know, mine died and hubby couldn't fix it. Then at 8 PM we are going to talk to a kitchen designer. Been wanting a new kitchen for quite a while.

No knitting today.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Ok, I'm new at this blogging stuff as well as relatively new at knitting. Yesterday, my washer gave up the ghost with a load of wash in it. Thought about it for a bit while I ate lunch and then decided to take the wet wash to the laundramat to wash it. Got a big plastic bag and loaded the wet wash into it. Boy it was heavy! Put it in a laundry basket so I could carry it. Decided to take my knitting with me. Drove to the laundramat to find they were working there and I asked me to give them 20 min. So went and got gas for my car, and then read my mail while waiting. Finally around 1 PM got in to do my wash. Loaded it in a washer and then sat down to knit while waiting. I'm making a baby sweater for my new granddaughter who is 2 months old at this point. Need to finish it before too long. It's pink and cute. In the half hour it took for the washer, I was able to finish the silly sweater. Believe it or not I started this sweater when my daughter was about 6 months pregnant. We went to visit them at the end of September and I took the unfinished sweater with me. On the plane trip to Texas, I tore out something I had done wrong and reknit it. Figured I'd work on it there and finish it and give it to her. Well, I made another mistake, and needed to rip. Well, I ripped too far, and couldn't fix it. Finally gave up that and couldn't even rip the whole thing out. So got a new skein of yarn, and started again. Needless to say I brought it home with me again. Well now it's not beautiful, but it's done, knit wise, anyway. Now I need to learn how to sew the seams. Scary. Pulled out a knitting book tonight to look up what I need to do. Block the sweater and then sew the seams. It's acrylic so have to be careful about blocking it. I'll let you know how it turns out. Oh, washer is really broke, and looks like we'll have to buy a new one. Not in our financial plans at the moment, but so be it.