Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Sky

Just took this at 5:40 PM. It's been an overcast sky
with a little rain at one point. Seems that blue sky
is now peeping out.

As for knitting, I haven't done a thing. Can't seem to
pick up the needles on those socks and get busy.

Yesterday hubby tried a different type light in my range
hood, which didn't work, and then put in the old bulb while
it was still on, and blew the fuse in the thing. He took it
all apart to put the new fuse in, and then the lights still didn't
work. When he took out the switch assembly to see what was
wrong, he broke one of the switches. One problem after
another. The dumb thing was working fine, and now it's all
in pieces. We went out looking this afternoon and he decided
he might like a microwave range hood. But we decided we needed
to come home and measure. Sure enough, we don't have enough
room for a microwave. So, at this point, no range hood, just
the shell is there. Maybe Monday we can look at regular range
hoods again before or after the church picnic.

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend.

So, no knitting

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.'

I took this Saturday Sky picture this afternoon around 4:30 PM.
It is a beautiful day here in the Poconos. Temps in the low
80's. No rain. Great day. Hubby did work on the driveway
patching holes. Can't even drive my car unless hubby drives
it down for me. Silly.

I'm using a pattern from this book by Ann Budd, called 'Knitting
Socks'. I'm using 7 inches an inch with size 3 circulat needles
with Patons Kroy Socks yarn in Winter Eclipse color which is
basically blue.

I'm not very far with this sock yet. Haven't knitted all week,
it was last Saturday when I last picked it up. Yes, I know
it's the only thing on my needles at the moment so no excuse.

Been a tad busy, listening to an audio book, by Robert Ludlum,
reading a book by Dean Koontz, doing crossword puzzles, cleaning
etc. I looked at the small bag of sock yarn and needles, but
didn't pick them up. Oh well.

I'm cooking a slow cooker recipe of a Weight Watchers,
Lasagna Stew. Using gluten free lasagna noodles for
the first time. Hubby can't eat much gluten products.
It was put into the cooker in layers, but I can't quite
see how it will be to get it out of the slow cooker.
I think it will look a mess, but it should taste good

By the way, I joined Weight Watchers about 4 1/2 weeks
ago and have lost 12.4 pounds so far. Much more to
go though.

So, no knitting this week

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

An Eventful Saturday

Today we decided to drive to NJ and visit a cousin of my
husband. We left here around 10:30. It takes about 1 hour
and 33 min. or so. We spent some time at his house catching
up with each other. His cousin has never married and no he's
not gay. After a while we three went out to lunch. We looked
for a sub shop that we remembered from when we lived in NJ years
ago. Turns out they went out of business a bit ago. So we
ended up going to another, and it was yummy. After lunch we
drove around for quite a while looking at places hubby
remembered, including his parent's old house. It was still
the same color it was. Anyway, while we were out, I took
this Saturday Sky picture up in Wasatch park. Different
trees in the picture today.

In our travels, we found the park museum. This is the sign
at the entrance, although I took it as we left the place.
It was a very nice museum. Long ago, when we were dating
he took me to a Planetarium that is the same area. But they
have no one to run it anymore, and the equipment is very old
and needs revamping as they do things these days with computers.

It was a nice day. We went back to his cousin's house for a bit
but it was all ready around 5 PM. We wanted to get home. So
we left shortly thereafter. Hubby made a wrong turn into a
shopping center near there, and we ate dinner at an Arby's
in there. Then we found our way home. Arrived here around
7:20 or so.

I took my sock that I had just cast on for. I still can't
knit in the car. Makes me sick like reading in the car
can do. But I knit a few rows at the cousin's and another
couple after I finished my sub, while waiting for the
guys to finish. I forgot to take a picture, but there
is really not much there yet. Maybe in a few days, as
I am a slow knitter.

So, I have been knitting

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

(click picture to see bigger.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Another Saturday Sky

I took this out on the balcony around 10 AM this morning.
Nice day, and I don't think it will rain, but we will see.

Well, I finished the Bear I made for my granddaughter. I
took it to my knitting guild to finish it. I was supposed
to take my needles and sock yarn for the class they had,
but I know how to knit socks on two needles not double
points. So I was able to sew the bear together, stuff
it, hard in the legs and arms and gently in the body
so the kid can grab it, she's only 1. Then I embroidered
the eyes and snout. I think I need to do the right eye
again, as it's a little small. A little more embroidering
thread I suppose.

It's been quite nice this week, with temps no higher than 80.
A lot of rain though. It's been a wet summer this year.
Is that because we're moving to New Mexico in a three
years and it will be dry all the time?

Anyway, have the needles and yarn and made the gauge square
for socks, just wondering if I should learn one big needle
as I have one in size 0. The ones I made the gauge square
with size 2 needles. The pattern calls for 0 size needles.
In 0 size I only have the one long one, not two. I think I
know how to do one needle, it works similarly as for 2 needles.
So, maybe another gauge square?

So, I will be knitting

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday Sky and Knitting

I took this picture from the dining room window, as it's been
raining off and on, more on, than not, all morning.

This is the knitting. I knitted both the back and front of
the little bear I'm making for a granddaughter. The edges
were rolled under and it was a mess, so decided I had to
block them before I sew them together and stuff. I pinned
them on Yesterday afternoon, and put a wet cloth on both
pieces. It was dry this morning, so took off the cloths.
Guess I will unpin them this afternoon. They should be
easier to sew together now.

Last night we took a fried to pick up his car in East
Stroudsburg. His wife had gone to the eye doctor and
then he sent her via ambulance to Will's Eye in Philadelphia.
She had a detached retina. Not good. Hence her hubby had to pick
up the car, so we took him, dropped him at it, and then
went out to eat. We went to a restaurant called The
Willowtree Inn. We knew nothing about it. We sat outside
on the lower deck at the rail. The deck wasn't far above
a wide creek, and it was very nice. The restaurant turned
out to be very expensive, but they had some Lighter Fare
on the menu and we ordered from that. Fillet Mignon
Sandwiches. Odd, but good. It was on hard long rolls,
that you ate with fork and knife. Yummy. There was also
garlic mashed potatoes and coleslaw with the meal. It
cost $11, but was very good. There was huge old Willow
Tree there that I suppose the INN was named after.

So, I've been Blocking