Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowy Trees

Just as it was getting light I looked out my dining
room window, and saw these trees just touched by
snow and had to take the picture. I think they
are just pretty.

I knitted 3 rows of the hat. It's 108 stitches so takes
a while, yesterday, need to another row or two to get
enough done before the next couple rows.

A couple boys came over today to sled. One called
first and asked. I told them sure. A relative
dropped them off as our driveway was snowy. They
must have sled for about 2 hours. I lent them a
sled we had, as the two of them had only 1 sled.

That was my excitement for the day I suppose.

I downloaded Lifeform today, as I only have it
on 3 in disks and my new computer only has a
CD/DVD drive. So I had to pay for it. Maybe
I should have told Lifeform place that I had
it on disks, but couldn't use it. Oh well.
It was just $29.

So, I've been knitting


Donna C Brown said...

Hi, Deb. I downloaded your pictures. They were great! I can remember when they were just little tykes. Oh, and that driveway in winter.....I don't miss it! We literally climbed up by our fingertips one Sunday after church! I'm glad you've become accustomed to it. hahaha

I also knit. We are making hats and slippers for a Humanitarian project in Relief Society. We meet once a month and share lunch.

I love your blog. How do I start a blog?

Donna C Brown said...

What is Lifeform?

Congrats for succeeding on Weight Watchers! I'm trying to lose on Nutrisystem but I know it's not the best. The dinners are all the same, floating in tomato sauce! I may return it. I lost 50# on it back in 1989 but gained it back because it doesn't help you learn a new lifestyle like Weight Watchers does. ANYTIME I have to think about food, I GAIN! WW didn't work for me for that reason. Keep up the good work!