Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I haven't taken any pictures yet, sorry.

I've been reading my Amazon Kindle. I got it recently
and love reading books on it. All the Kindle books
are basically $9.99 or less or even free. Any of you
that read my blog have a Kindle? Mine's a Kindle2.

I'm still working on the kitchen cabinets. Only still
have the 3 left that are tricky to do. I was supposed
to do the one under the sink. I still will try to, after
dinner maybe. At least the other two are high rather than
so low. Figured I should get the hardest done first.

I'm going to go to my first painting class on Thursday night.
I need to buy some brushes, and a canvas or something. I'm
not sure what type painting it is. I thought water color,
but not sure. There was no paint on the paper we got telling
us about brushes and canvas.

Going to make a recipe for Flounder tonight. Although time
is flying.

So, no knitting this time either.

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