Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello All,

This is my middle of losing weight photo. I am 67 pounds less
than I was. Obviously, I still have more to go. Altogether
I want to lose 130 pounds.

I still have to search a CD I put photos on for a before picture.
So, haven't done that yet. Knew I wanted to post today.

Today I went for my annual Mammogram. Have to drive down about 45
minutes to get to the place, but it is much more comfortable than
where I used to get them. It was funny, the lady saw me reading my
Kindle when she came to get me. She sat me on the chair in the room,
and asked me about the Kindle, and could she hold it. She says, she
reads a lot, and she has a friend that has a Sony reader who doesn't
like it, so she was interested if I liked the Kindle which I do, very
much. All through the Mammogram, she asked me questions about it.
I think she will order one.

After I left there, I stopped and did some shopping at Wallmart. I'm
starting a painting class tomorrow, and we were supposed to get a pack
of brushes. I couldn't find the pack she suggested, but got one of
25 brushes for any type painting. Hope they are OK.

Well, it's getting close to 8 PM and I want to watch Ghost Hunters.
Can I help it, I like it.

So, yes, I knitted on the washcloth I'm making while I waited out in
the main waiting room. I need to knit a case for my Kindle, think I'll
use a bulky wool yarn that I have.


Christine said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I'm sure that took a great deal of willpower. Good for you!

AudreyO said...

Way to go on the weight loss. I know how much work it is to change eating habits and increase exercise. Way to go!!