Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Sky

Another nice day. Very pleasant out. Took the picture
around 2 PM.

Guess what I got today. Harry Potter!! Went to the post
office around 10:30, and it was there with the other mail.
As you can see by the bookmark, that I'm reading it. I just
read an exciting chapter, so taking a break while I think about
it. The box it had in big read letters: 'Muggles, Do not open
this box until 21 July 07. Had to laugh.

This is the progress of the sock I'm knitting. Slow me, just
turned the heel. Now to the gusset, either during a reading
break or after I finish the book.

This a tribble I started not long ago. They are easy to
make and fun to knit. If you want the pattern, look back
a number of posts, and I gave the link for 1870 Pearl's website.

So, I've been knitting, and reading, now back to reading.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Sky

Well, it is supposed to rain this evening, that's
why all the clouds I suppose. Took it around 5:15 PM.

This is the progress I made on my sock while on vacation
last week, and some since I came home. Working on the
heel flap. Had to frog the flap once, so have 16 rows out
of 36 done on the flap. Yes, I am slow. Maybe the 2nd
sock will go faster.

I heard a podcast recently where the knitter said she worked 2
socks at the same time by using two sets of needles. Working
on 1 sock on each needle set, taking turns. That might be easier
than working 2 at once on circular needles. Don't think I have
another set of size 2 circular needles. Can't afford them
at them at the moment anyway. So just doing the one at time
on 2 circulars.

Guess I could get brave and try knitting the 2nd sock on
double pointed needles. Not sure about that though.

Trying to get hubby to take me to the new Harry Potter
and the Order of the Phoenix movie. He doesn't feel like
it today, but maybe after dinner I can convince him. He usually
likes to go to movies, although maybe not Harry Potter ones.

Oh, no progress on the Smile neck scarf. Can't seem to pick
it up. It's pretty much for fall or winter anyway I suppose.
Only a couple of very long rows left to go.

So, I've been knitting

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico

Caution, Picture Heavy Post

We flew to Albuquerque on Monday the 2nd of July.
It was a late flight leaving the East here around
around 6:15 or so and arriving after a stop in
Cincinnati, around 10:30 PM Albuquerque time;
which is 2 hours earlier than ours in the East.

We got to our hotel and crashed for the night.
The next morning we decided to go the Albuquerque
Temple. We are Mormons, actually members of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
This is a picture of the Temple with the Fountain
in front of it.

This is a pretty picture of the Temple with the statue
of Moroni on top of it.

The next day we headed up to Chama, N.M. stopping
first in Santa Fe. We rode the Cumbre and Toltec Narrow
Gauge Railroad. Well, when we got to it, we had to ride
a bus to the end of the line, and then we got to ride the
train on the way back, stopping for lunch on the way.
This is a photo of the front of the train while we were
going around a corner. Not sure why I didn't take a picture
of the train while it was stopped. Silly me.

This is a view out of the train windows. Gorgeous views.

A Mountain from the window of the train.

On Saturday we went down to Socorro, N.M. and over to see
the Very Large Array. They have these Radio Telescopes,
27 of them. They are Huge. Something like 82 feet in
diameter. Nevertheless, they move them every 4 months,
so they can see different things in the sky. These were
made basically so they could listen for aliens or some such
things. But they also use them for scientific reasons.
They also let others with good reason use the data from

This picture shows some of the 27 telescopes, which were
in a row when we saw them. They have 3 other ways they
can put them too. As I said they change them on tracks
with a big machine to lift them to the next place.

We also went another day to the Albuquerque Zoo. We had
lunch while there, and while eating an onion ring, my
front tooth broke off. I mean literally there was only
a small piece hanging down. Found the tooth on the plate.
Luckily it did not hurt, so we went about going to the
Aquarium and then Hubby went to the Gardens, while I sat
on a bench. It was so very hot. So he walked around
the gardens while I sat in the shade on a bench.

We got home Monday the 9th very late, around 11 PM.
It was another late flight. Then hubby went back
roads on the way home, and managed to take a lot longer getting
home. We stopped and got McD's meals as we hadn't
gotten anything on the planes except drinks, and
treats. I had cookies and water on one plane
and cookies and coke on the next one.

We had an enjoyable time. I did some knitting
on the sock I'm making every day. I washed clothes one
day and knitted the whole time waiting for the
machines to get done. Also knitted on the

So, I've been knitting