Friday, February 29, 2008

Hi all,

I've been knitting and needed a break. Only 4 more increases for
the sleeves of the Tilted Duster.

We were going out to eat, and stopped at the grocery store, to stop
at the bank that is in there. Then hubby wanted to see their Salad
bar and it looked good, so we both got that to take home to eat. Just
as well, as it had started snowing as we came out to the car.

Good thing it's the weekend. Hubby will be able to snow blow in the
light, if needed. He hates having to snow blow when it's dark.

We go to get the mail everyday at the post office. Went this after-
noon and there was only one magazine. Too bad I don't know ahead of time
that's it not worth going. We used to have a mailbox at the bottom
of the driveway, but kids kept coming down the hill, and hitting it
with a baseball bat, and we got tired of replacing mail boxes, so
I go to the Post office, sometimes every other day, sometimes daily.

So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Hi All,

A cold icy day. Hubby's car had to be dropped off at the
fix-it place a mile away this morning. The drive was icy,
so hubby took his car down first, then walked up, with his
Yak Trax, and then he drove me and my car down. I got in
my driver's seat, and drove to the fix-it with hubby following
in his car. After dropping his key and car there, he drove
me home and left for work in my car. Such is life, I'm
stuck here at home today.

Guess I could do some knitting. The sleeves are slowing
getting close to the end. Still haven't sewn together
the top yet. Will have to do that soon. I will take
pictures soon.

I had a nice birthday on Monday. My daughter sent me
flowers which was nice. Though had to wait for an hour
for it to come after they called for directions.
My visiting teacher came and gave me a card and
a small box of chocolates. Have only eaten two
so far. That night, hubby took me out to eat,
and I had the yummiest steak I've had in a long
time. They had cooked it just like I like it.
It was too big, so hubby finished it for
me and he said it was yummy.

I Still haven't gotten the package from folks
and can't get to the post office to see today,
as hubby has my car. Such if life.

So, I've been knitting.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Today is my Birthday!

Well, today is my birthday. Hubby nearly forgot this
morning, until I mentioned that maybe he forgot something.
Then it hit him. He went into his closet and brought
out a box for me. Then he went to work. I opened it and
it had Knit Picks Options Circular Needles. There was also
a needle sizer and the needle size tags. What a great
present. Yes, I had asked for it, but yes! he got it!

Then this afternoon a florist called me for directions.
Turns out my daughter and family sent them to me. So
had to wait for them for an hour, but aren't they pretty?

Went to the post office hoping to get the present my folks
were sending. But it wasn't there yet. Maybe tomorrow.
I did, however get some bras I had ordered. They only
sent me two, to see if they fit. If so, I tell them
and they will send the rest of the order.

I made myself a cake this morning. Just a yellow cake
with Chocolate icing. The icing pretty much tore
up the cake, but even though it looks funny, it
should taste fine.

Hubby took me out for a Stake Dinner. It was yummy,
cooked just like I like it. Filled me up and
will have to wait a while for the cake.

I have knitted on the sleeves a bit,

So, I've been knitting

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well, hubby decided he was still sick during church,
so had to bring him home. But after a nap, he is
outside in the cold, talking on the cell phone.
Silly man.

I was waiting for a game to load on Pogo, and
so I was knitting on one of the sleeves of the
duster. Got 4 or 5 rows done I think. Then
the game wasn't working very well, so closed
it and decided to update this.

Downloaded lots of knitting podcasts last
night to my iPod Nano. Found lots of
new ones that appeared since the last
time I looked. Will have lots to
listen to while I knit. If you have
iTunes, just search for knitting podcasts.
If no iTunes, then do a Google search
for knitting podcasts.

Hope you all had a good Sunday.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Sky and update

Well, another cold day, but nice and sunny though.
Hubby ran the snow blower and then asked me to go
to the post office. By the time I showered and
dressed, and got ready to go, the driveway had
melted, and was quite easy to get out and in.

Well, this is the state of the sleeves of the
tilted duster, after frogging back to the
ribbing. Only have 2 increases so far, but
I am doing the increases on both sides, so
have 46 stitches so far. The sleeves will get
wider than before I suppose.

Not much happening today. Been reading a good
book, one from bookcase, a re-read.
Then picked up one of the sleeves and did four rows

So, I've been knitting

Friday, February 22, 2008


Wow, Snow, and yes it's still snowing.
Felt good that you can see the snow falling in the
picture. Click on the picture to see it big.

So, my clear driveway is no longer clear. Hubby ran
the snow blower this morning, but it's about that high

I went to a site called The Dish, and read about her
rant on Order of the Phoenix. I agreed with everything
she said. I didn't like it much either, they didn't
stick with book. Usually I get hubby to give me the
DVD of the movies, but didn't ask for that one. The
book is just so much better.

Well, I'm house bound today. No way going out in that
mess. Yes, it looks pretty, but not if you're in the
middle of it. Hubby had a rotten drive to work and
told me not to expect him at the usual time. He will
have to run the snow blower, maybe tonight to help
get his car up, who knows? We live halfway up a hill
with an awful driveway that doesn't get any sun. We
both have all wheel drives, for basically the driveway.
But hubby's is low and the snow might pack under it.

I'll see you again tomorrow for Saturday Sky tomorrow.

So, I've been knitting

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today I went to Knitting Group and my friend Connie's house.
There were 4 of us today. I took a washcloth to knit on
as anything more confusing is hard to knit while chatting.
I also took some yarn I had bought to show, and a vest I
haven't worked on in a while, since I've been working on
the Tilted Duster. Once I get that done, I will finish
the vest, and then start the Fair Isle Sweater.

Another cold windy day. Stopped at Subway on the way
home for lunch, had a roast beef sub.

So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here I am again. I was visiting knitting blogs and saw one
where she put something in her blog everyday. Well, not
sure I will everyday, but why not?

It is quite cold and windy today. It was sunny most of
the day but it is night now.

I am slowly working on the Tilted Duster sleeves that
I had to frog. Not many rows a day, but a few everyday

So, I've been knitting
Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I just got an answer to my question about the Tilted
Duster. She said, sorry I don't remember her name, said
maybe it said increase each side of the sleeves. I reread
it and sure enough that's what it says. Now I have to take
out two sleeves down to the ribbing. Such fun. Guess it
helps to reread and reread directions. Silly me.

So, to frogging we go.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Sky

The sky is quite a cloudless blue today. Cold and clear I
guess it is. Temps around freezing or a little less. The
driveway is fairly clear I think, but haven't been out.

I need help from those of you who have made Tilted Dusters.
I am working on the sleeves. Using the biggest size 48,
I had to increase 1 every 6 rows, 11 times. Then it says
I should have 64. Since I started with 42, and add 11 I would
only have 53 or so. NOT 64. Is the pattern wrong? Or did
I read it wrong? Have you made the tilted duster? What did
you do. I tried the numbers for the smallest size and that
didn't give me the number required either. What did you do,
as the pattern continues with the number it says. HELP!
What did you do? Is it just my pattern that's wrong?
Please leave me a comment if you know. I don't know
what to do. Hubby read the pattern for me to see if I
did the wrong thing. He thinks the pattern is wrong.

Ok, this is a washcloth I started last time at knitting group.
Haven't worked on it much. I have the bag near the place I
watch TV, but have been reading during commercials lately, not
knitting. Love the colors of it. It's just peaches and creme.

Been house bound the last few days, due to the icy driveway. First
it snowed, and then it did freezing rain. It made a mess of the
driveway. We live on a hill with the road down at the bottom.
So the drive is long and hilly, and icy this week.

So, I've been knitting, but frustrated

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Snow and Saturday Sky

A snowy morning, it was snowing when I got up late. We have
maybe an inch or a little less. Hubby ran the snow blower. He
said it was at least nice to do it in the daylight. LOL

This is the bottom of those trees that you see the tops of in
the Sky picture. So you could see the snow.

This is how far I've gotten on the Tilted Duster. Most of the
knitters at my knitting guild meeting on Thursday night had
finished the sleeves and were picking up the bottom of the
backs and front for the duster part. I am nearing the end
of the sleeves, so then I will put together the back and fronts
and then try to pick up stitches for the duster. I might sew
the sleeves in first, but we will see what the directions say.

This Wednesday I got a card from my Lys saying that I could get
20% off an order placed this month of my birthday. So, Thursday
I was in East Stroudsburg at my knitting group meeting, so afterwards,
I stopped at my LYS and bought this yarn and 2 knitting magazines.
The blue wool is Cascade Yarns, The Heathers, although the dark
blue doesn't look heathered at all. It is Peruvian Highland wool.
The other skein is cotton by Ty-Dy from Knit One, Crochet Too. The
color is Blueberry Field, and it looks blue and green. Not sure
what I will do with either, but felt like buying yarn since
I could get 20% off.

Snow, it seems like every time the driveway gets clear, it does
something again. We've had ice a number of times, so it is nice
to just have snow. Although rain may follow tomorrow. So hubby
did run the snow blower. We didn't need the snow turning to ice.

On Thursday at knitting group in the morning, I started a wash
cloth. Haven't knitted on it since. Might later. Then Thursday night
went to knitting guild down in Whitehall where we all worked on our
Tilted Dusters.

So, I've been knitting

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday, cold Sky, icy, and update

Not a nice day. Supposedly it's mild. Doesn't appear so
here. We did go out, and slid down the icy driveway. Then
we went to KFC and got take out of chicken. Yummy. Car came
up the icy driveway fine, we have all wheel drives.

This is the icy driveway taken from the balcony where I take
the Saturday Sky pictures. So I turned the camera down to
take a picture of the driveway. Almost looks normal, but
there is half inch of ice of on it.

Hubby drove his Subaru down the icy thing, and we slipped
and slid until he went onto the grass, which at least allowed
him to steer. The roads weren't bad. I don't suppose I will
be driving down the drive until the ice is gone.

Having been sick for almost 2 weeks, I think I will be going
to Church with hubby in the morning. That's assuming we won't
hit the tree we almost hit today.

This is the Tilted Duster Sleeves. I do several rows on one, and
then catch up with the other. So even though I'm not doing them
both on one needle, they will still be done about the same time.
The one weird thing is that the one on the circular rolls up with
ST. stitch rolls up, and the one on the strait needles don't roll.
Odd to me. Nice though.

So, I've been knitting