Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Sky and some knitting

Nice day today. Took this around 10:30 this morning. We're planning
on taking a drive and being treated to lunch by hubby.

I've been knitting. I found this bear pattern for my granddaughter
that's one year old. It called for wool, and it would be bigger in
wool, but I figured it needed to be washable, so I'm using cotton.
So far I finished the back of the bear, and have just started the
front side. Finished the legs and just attached them together and
am starting the body. It seems to be going together fairly quickly.
Will I get sidetracked once it's together for embroidering the face,
like I did with the pink pig? We'll see. Her birthday is all ready
passed for the year, so it will just be an anytime present.

You can see the picture of the bear that came with the pattern that
I downloaded from Berroco. Sorry don't have the URL, but try maybe. It was a free pattern.

Well, hubby is finally getting ready to go.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Sky

I took this picture around lunch time before it started
to rain, and it is now raining hard.

I all ready took that picture of the pink pig. It is now folded
a bit to fit in the box I found. Wrapped the box in birthday
paper and then in brown paper for mailing. Also made a card for
my granddaughter. Will send the box on Tuesday which will be
a week before the birthday. Then will send the card a day or
two later. Hope she likes that silly pink pig.

Need to go to the drug store to pick up meds that were
ordered yesterday. But might wait to see if this rain
stops. It's blowing and raining to beat the band. Can
even hear it in this room, so it must be coming down hard.

So, haven't started knitting anything else yet.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Pink Pig is Done!

Well, the birthday is the 29th, so figured I better do
the finishing of the pink pig. He's not gorgeous, but
I think a 4 year old will love him or her.

So, the ears are too long, the snout is too big. The eyes
are ok. Oh and forgot to turn him over, as there is a little
curly tail on the back. Forgot about that.

Now, finally I can start another project. Not sure what
it will be, not quite ready to start on the wool project
of the Fair Isle Cardigan yet. I did find a pattern for
a baby bear, that I might make for my other granddaughter
who's just 1.

So, getting ready to knit again.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Sky and the Zoo

Don't you like this picture of the sky? For some reason
it won't upload. Such fun. The battery was going, so
that may be the reason. When it recharges, I will try
to get another picture of the sky, and put it up here.

Well, today hubby and I went for a ride in his new Hybrid
Nissan Altima. We figure that since it is so good on gas,
that we can take day trips. So we started out this
morning around 10:30 I think. We drove up to Milford
first, about an hour away. We were planning to go to
Grey Towers Mansion, the home of Griffin Pinchot, who
ever he was. We didn't go because we had to wait a
half hour for the tour and hubby was too hot and humid.
So instead, we left and decided to travel a ways
on a Route 6, that we had travel info on. We drove
and drove. Hubby was getting tired of driving. So,
I then saw in the one the travel things that Claws
and Paws Animal park was just a little ways ahead.
Well, it took us a while to find it, it's not
heavily advertised on the way. It's a private
park, run on the ticket revenue. First we saw
this silly tiger thing, and hubby put his head
in there.

This is the stately Lion. There were two of them in the cage. Just
liked their kingly look.

Found some Alpacas. They had a couple this color and then there
was pretty brown one, that wasn't sitting a good place to take
a picture. Looked like they needed shearing. Too bad it's
so far away. Wonder if any other knitter asks for the pelts.

Well, had three other pictures. Two of some Turtles, and the
Saturday Sky picture and they won't upload. Some how those pictures
became movies. Not sure what happened, but I was carrying the camera in
my pocket while at the zoo. Will figure that out when the battery
charges. At least got 3 of the pictures.

So, no knitting this week, just the eyes to sew on the pink pig.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Sky and Buying a Car

I took this photo this afternoon sometime, while we were down
in Doylestown, Pa, buying a new car. It was getting ready
to rain a short time later.

We were at the Nissan Dealer down there. We went down to
Doylestown to get the Altima Hybrid car that hubby wanted.
Took us about an hour and 15 to get there.

This is the last picture, and not a very good one of hubby's
old car which is a Subaru Outback VDC. It was pouring rain
at the time It was an alright car. Not my favorite, but we
had it for almost 5 years.

Hubby really would have like a metallic green one they had,
but they called us to say the green one had just been sold,
before we got there. And after many hours spent at the car
dealer, we finally got this new car, the Altima Hybrid.
It's Silver as you can see. Gets great gas mileage, which
is why hubby wanted it. The only thing it's not, is a an
all wheel drive, which might make it hard to get it up our
driveway, in the snow. We will see. He may take
my Saturn Vue to work on Snowy days as I tend to stay
insde all day when it snows

On the knitting front, I did knit another ear for the
pink pig and the ears are now on it. I looked at the
snout and I'm thinking it's too big, to make it look
like the picture. I may make that again. Anyway,
will hold a picture until I get him done. My granddaughter's
birthday is on the 29th. So time to get this pig done.

So, I've been knitting, guess the funk is over.