Saturday, February 07, 2009

Brr Then Warm

When we got up today, it was COLD. Hubby said he took his
car to the you wash it place and after he put the soap on
the car, it froze. I guess he finally got the soap off and
finished washing it. I think he went too early to do it, as
by noon it was 49 or something like that. Very warmish. We're
hoping that the next few days of warmer temps like that, might
clear up the rest of the ice on the driveway. Of course it
might snow after that. Seems like every time the driveway
finally gets clear of ice or snow, it does it again. So, we
will see.

Well, for a Saturday, I got up early at 8 AM. I ate breakfast,
did my exercise, showered and washed my hair, then read my
scriptures and got ready to go. I took a class at my nearest
LYS for making an Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Almanac,
baby sweater. Not the Surprise Jacket, but another
one she has in her Almanac. There were 5 of us in the class.
We had gotten our yarns when we signed up for the class, and
had to do our gauge squares to get 5 stitches an inch. I
got some Merino yarn, in a pretty green color. Sorry forgot
to take that picture, but then again, you can see it below
in the picture of how far I got.

We need to knit until it comes time to put the sleeves onto
the needles. We're knitting top down for this. What you
saw in the picture was the yoke of the sweater.

This is the washcloth I started in a doctor's office. I had
left it in the middle of the row, so picked it up at home
(before the class today) and knitted some on it. I like
bright colors on my washcloths. I have some I knit of
whitish colors and don't like them as much.

After the class which was from 10 - Noon, I bought some yarn,
and yes forgot to take a picture of that. It's Cascade 220
in a gorgeous blue. If I remember, I will post a picture
of it tomorrow.

Then I went to the mall in Stroudsburg. First I ate
lunch at Burger King. I just looked at their online
site, and found the nutrition stuff for it, not good.
A Junior Whopper was 9 Weight Watcher points. I didn't
eat but half of the fries, so that wasn't bad, and the
Reg. Coke, I only drank half of it. So it was about
12 points for lunch. By the way, I've lost 61 pounds
with Weight Watchers so far.

Anyway, then I went into the mall and walked around.
There was something doing with Boy Scouts down near
Penney's. Lots of people watching. Maybe their boys
were there. I finally went into Bed and Bath shop and
found a shower back brush. I've wanted one for ages,
and got two other items that didn't work as well. Can't
wait to try this one tomorrow. Yes, no picture as well.

I made Spaghetti for dinner. I was going to make something
else but I forgot to get fresh mushrooms, so that will have
to wait till Monday. But hubby wanted Spaghetti, so that
is what I made. We also had a plate of baby carrots with

So, I've been knitting.

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