Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Sky, update, etc.

Took this picture sometime around 1:45 PM. It's cold, around
freezing. Supposed to have snow flurries tonight. Such fun.

Well, I found a strait pair of size 10 needles so I started
the second sleeve. Since even with the circular needle it
is too big, so I'm knitting that flat also. So I'm getting
up to the first sleeve and will be there around 10 more rows.

I've been sick all week. Haven't been knitting all that much.
Went to the doctor on Tuesday, and he gave me scrips for 3
things. An antibiotic, a pill for coughing, and a cough syrup
with codeine. After the first night I stopped taking the cough
syrup. I think it made me cough more. Couldn't sleep when I
took it, so stopped it right away. Finished the antibiotic
today. So just the cough pill is left and I take that 3 times
a day. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel I
think. Although the doctor said the cold that is going around
seems to last for 2 or 3 weeks. I sure hope not. I'm tired of
blowing my nose, my nose is sore. Tired of coughing too.

I got out of the house on Friday, and did a few errands. Went
to the grocery, then picked up lunch at the KFC drive in, then
the post office and then I remembered I had to pick up my blood
pressure pills at CVS at their drive in window. So, just kept
going till I did that.

When I got home,I was wiped. So ate my chicken, and then took
a nap. Haven't been out today. I am going to try to go to
church tomorrow. We will see.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Sky and update

Here is the sky today. Not too bad, very cold, and the driveway
is icy. Not fun.

Ok, I finally picked up the tilted duster sleeve. I had four inches
and now have done 3 rows so far of ST stitch. I had to write out,
well, I did it in Word, and printed the increases as it had two
things to keep track. I need to increase one stitch every 6 rows
and do it 11 times. So, I printed it all out row by row and I just
cross off each row as I do it. Makes more sense to me. The other
knitters in my guild, just did by hand, but guess I like it neater.
You might notice the k2p2 rib is a bit longer than need be. When
I was supposed to start the St Stitch, I forgot and did k2p2 again.
So did that for 2 rows to get back to front row. Well, I have
long arms so it's probably ok. Just have to remember to do the
same on the second arm. LOL

Well we've been having ice and snow every other day this past week.
The driveway would just get better and it would do it again. At the
moment the round upper part by the front door is very icy. The down
part isn't as bad. I let hubby go out and will go with him as long
as he is driving. I've had too many ice accidents, one being right
on the driveway. So, I stay in when it's like this.

Having a little trouble picking up the Tilted Duster to work on.
Want to start some other things are calling to me. Isn't that
the way? But since the guild is working on it together, I guess
I better get busy. Next meeting is 7 Feb.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Sky etc.

I took this picture of the sky around 2 PM today. Hubby
was working on my computer putting in a new Virus thing.
And also trying to put our computers networked.

This is the finished hat I was going to make for Christmas
and instead decided to make it for me. Well, I ran out of
yarn before it got long enough. Won't cover my ears, but
I like it anyway, even if it's not beautiful. The yarn
is pretty enough to make up for the mistakes maybe.

While hubby was working on my computer he managed to fill
it up with junk. Took me a while to straiten it up pretty
much. Now I just have train the new virus thing to let
in things I want and keep out things I don't.

The weather is getting chilly again. Maybe even cold
in a few days. No fun. Saw an article in the paper
that Mother Nature is going back and forth. Such
is life.

Need to work on the Tilted Duster again. Finish the
sleeves, etc.

So, I'be been sewing

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Sky and Tilted Duster update

Took this photo around 2 PM I think. Day was clear and
temps around 40. Not too bad. As we were coming home
from the mall, it started to rain a little. They did
predict rain, so be it.

Ok, this is how far I've gotten on the Tilted Duster.
The back, and two fronts are done. There is a problem
on one one of the fronts, I will try to fix, but if
not, I will knit another one. Since you put it together
and then pick up for the skirt, the top isn't that big.
I suppose I should have put a picture of the sweater also,
but next time maybe.

Hubby gave me three necklaces for Christmas. That was
really nice, but the chains were too small for my
thick neck. So we went to the mall and were able to
find new chains for all three necklaces. I was
disappointed last week, when I wanted to wear one
for church, and it didn't fit. So now tomorrow
I can wear one of them. The one I like the best
has a picture of the sign for I love you in sign
language. The other two are more church related,
one is the angel Moroni and the other is a Liahona.
Both the Liahona and the I Love you sign are
silver, and Moroni is gold. I'm happy that I
can wear them now. It was a little odd that
I got each one a different place in the mall.

So I've been knitting

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blogger loaded my pictures today

These pictures I put in the wrong order, but such is life.
This is the progress on the hat. I thought I would give
it for Christmas and since that didn't happen, I think I
will just finish it for myself.

These are the books I got from hubby for Christmas.
They are Ann Budd's Getting Started for knitting
socks. I wanted that one to learn the magic
loop thing for knitting socks. I also got 2
Elizabeth Zimmermann books, Knitting Around and
Knitting Without Tears. I think I like Knitting
Without Tears better with all the techniques in

These are the Patons Kroy Socks that Hubby also
gave me for Christmas. The colors are 2 Crayon
JacQuard, 2 Kool Stripes, 2 Winter Eclipse, 2
Tutti Frutti Jacquard, and 2 Krazy Stripes. My
son gave me Patons Kroy socks a year or two ago,
but these colors that Hubby gave me a much better.
Maybe Ben is color blind?

This is the Koigu that Ben gave me this year. Four
hanks of Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe. Can't wait to
try this.

This is my youngest son Ben, with is 8 mo. old daughter
Wynnie (Eowyn). His wife Dennise was here also for
Christmas, but doesn't like her picture taken unless
she is holding the baby. Hubby got one of the 3
of them, but I didn't.

Ok, this is other food storage shelf. It appeared when I
put my stuff on the blog yesterday, the other shot was on
the bottom of it. Odd. I think I described the moving around
of these yesterday, so just page down.

It is bitterly cold today. When we got up around 6:30, it was
10 degrees F. Now it is all the way up to 15 degrees F.
Terribly windy hubby says and they say the wind chill
makes it feel like -5.

Good day to curl up in something warm, with a cup
of herb tea, and knit. I do have Knitting Guild
tonight down in Whitehall. Hubby said for me
to take enough warm things in case the car
would break down and I had to walk somewhere.
If it happens, I would probably use my cellphone
and get help while sitting in the car. Here's
hoping I get there and back fine, although

So, I've been knitting if slowly

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Well, I'm somewhat frustrated with Blogger. I uploaded 5 or 6 pictures,
and only one is showing.

Anyway, this is my Son Ben with his 8 month old daughter Wynnie. They
were here for Christmas along with his wife Dennise, who doesn't like
her picture taken.

Well I just did a preview and now it's not even showing the one
of my son and his daughter. Can't win.

So maybe later or tomorrow I can get my pictures on here
and they will show on my blog.

We had a nice Christmas with Ben and family here. I should
mention that while we were waiting for them to come Christmas
Eve Day, we discovered our septic tank was backing up. So,
while they were here, Jeff was trying to find the clog, and
so no one could flush toilets or run water down the drain.
Even so, we had a nice Christmas. They only stayed overnight
as they had to get back, Dennise is in charge of something in
a lab that has to be taken care of almost daily. So after
Christmas Dinner, they started home.

I got some nice knitty type things. 10 balls of Patons
Kroy Sock Yarn. Will tell the colors when I can get the
picture up. That was from hubby. Then Ben and Fam gave
me 4 skeins of Koigu Yarn, yummy. Hubby also gave me
2 Elizabeth Zimmerman books and the Ann Bud Sock Book.
As I said I had pictures of everything.

Then on New Year's Day, I got together all the Christmas
stuff and packed it away. While I was doing that, Hubby was
downstairs working on the food Storage shelving. He had put
together a new shelf unit which was bigger than we thought.
Trying to find a place for it. Finally we moved one of the
shelves we all ready had that was smaller, and put that
in the space the bigger one would not fit. Then put the
bigger in the space that left. Then he put all the stuff
that was on floor back into the shelves. Before the new
shelf, All the toilet paper, paper towels, plastic bags
in different sizes, etc. was on the floor. Now it's nicely
on the shelves.

So, pictures later. I also have an update on that Christmas
present that didn't get done. Such is life.

So I've been knitting.