Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Sky Rain

Not a great sky picture today as it is pouring rain and
has been since yesterday. We're hoping it lessens or
stops tonight as we have to go to Clark's Summit to
a church meeting tonight. Not fun driving in the
dark when it's raining.

I Cast on for the Tilted Duster yesterday and did a row of
purl this morning. I'm thinking that I need to change to the
circular needle as the stitches even though it's only 102,
are quite crowded with the bulky yarn. The pattern calls
for the strait needle, but such is life.

We went out to eat last night. Had boneless pork chops,
yummy. Before that we dropped off the prescription for
my blood pressure meds. This morning, we went out around
11, and picked up my meds at the drugstore, and then we
stopped at an auto store and hubby got anti-freeze for the

Going to make a pot roast for dinner. We have to eat
early because we have this meeting in Scranton tonight.
So, will need to start the roast around 2:30 I think.

Hubby's cousin was going to come over today, but due
to the heavy rain, he decided not to.

So, I've been knitting

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gauge Squares

Yes, these are the two gauge squares I had to make for the
Tilted Duster. The one on the left was on 10.5 needles and
only got me 3 st. per inch. The one on the right was on size
10 needles and it got me 3.5 st. per inch which is what I
want. I had been thinking I wanted 3. 75 but than realized
that would be a tad small. So rather a tad big than small.

Now the only problem I have is that the pattern wants size
10 needles. Now the only ones I can find are 10 inches long
which is not long enough to cast on the back. Supposedly
I have 2 sets of 14inch long size 10 needles but I sure
can't find them. I have a basket that holds my straits
and went through it needle by needle, and no size 10's
except the smaller length size 10s. That's what I made
the gauge square with. So, will have to go buy a long
size 10 strait and a 32" long size 10 circular. Both
my size 10 circulars are busy with other projects. One
is a 40" and the other is a 29". So will need another
one of those also.

I also want to get a size 0, 40 inch circular for
Magic Loop, which I want to make socks.

I think we hubby gets paid this week, so will get
my allowance and then I will enough to get the
needles. I don't have credit cards any more as
I have frozen them, and at that this point they
probably aren't even still active as new ones have
come out. Hubby has the new one somewhere for me.
I tend to spend too much when I have a card.

I will be going to my Knitting Guild and only need
my yarn and the gauge squares. He gets paid
Friday so won't be able to get the needles
until Tuesday since they are closed Monday.
Oh well.

So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weekend Trip

This past weekend, we started on Friday, hubby took the
day off, and went to Baltimore to see our son Ben, his wife
Dennise and 6 month old baby, Wynnie. We got a bit lost
getting there, even though hubby had bought a Garmin GPS.
We kept ignoring it and then followed it later and it
took forever to get there. Serves us right for not following
it all the way.

We spent the evening with them and I made Wynnie laugh which
made me feel good. They don't have a guest room finished, so
then we made our way to the hotel. It was dark and raining
like crazy. Not fun. The GPS got us to the hotel with no

Sorry about the bad picture. Dennise doesn't like them taken
unless she's holding the baby and she wouldn't let me use the
flash. Would you believe I fixed the photo, but now I can't
find where the program filed it. Isn't that the way?

On Saturday morning we headed down to the Mormon Temple in
Washington. We spent the morning there, and then headed home
as there was a wedding reception of my best friend's daughter
that we had to get home to go to. We managed to get home around
5:30 PM as we got stuck in traffic several times. We had an
hour before we had to leave for the reception. Hubby took a nap
and I got my email. Then we changed clothes and left for the
reception. The picture which I also fixed and can't find,
is Missy and Bryan Melton dancing. They had gotten married
just that afternoon.

Not sure why it took me 4 days to get these pictures up.
Silly me.

Been making gauge squares for the tilted duster. The first one
was only 3 stitches per inch. So one size down needle and
making another one. Hopefully can get 3.75 stitches per inch.

So, I've been knitting

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Came online today to see if blogger fixed the picture problem.
Seems to be ok today.

This is the yarn, the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky yarn,
that I got in the mail yesterday. It's in the Wine Colorway.
It came in Hanks, so planning today, to take a hank or two, put it on my swift and wind it with my winder into balls.
Then I will be able to knit my yarn swatch. I need to get
3.75 stitches to an inch to get my size, which is bigger
than the pattern goes. The pattern calls for 4.5 stitches
an inch on a 10 inch needle. I'm excited to see how it works up.
Hopefully won't have to make more than the one gauge swatch, but
have a feeling I will have to change needles, we'll see.

Checked through my circular needles and I don't have a long
enough 0 or 1 to do Magic Loop, so will have to buy one
maybe next week. I searched online yesterday about Magic
Loop and found videos on it and it's not that different
than knitting on two circulars. So, can't wait till I
can get the longer needle.

We're going to go visit my son and his wife and baby in Baltimore
tomorrow. Then Saturday we will be going down to Kensington
to the Washington Temple. Yes, we are Mormon, and belong to
the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. After we're
done there, we will head home. Saturday night there is wedding
reception at church. My best friend's daughter is getting married,
it's her second marriage, but she found a man her age, who loves
her daughter. I need to go to this reception since it is my
best friend's daughter.

My son's baby is an adorable little girl. Her name is Eowyn,
but they call her Wynnie. She is almost 6 months old. We
haven't seen her since she was 2 weeks old, so that will
be nice.

I've been reading really good books by Elizabeth Lowell.
She's been writing for a while, and so since I discovered
I like the way she writes a mystery. Great!. So I've
been catching up. I noticed at the book store yesterday
that she is still writing, which is wonderful. The one
I'm reading now is called Beautiful Dreamer. I think it
might the first book she wrote in this genre anyway.

So with the sock frogged and no long enough needle, I
will wait with that. I need to pick up the Sleeveless
vest and work on that, and then need to wind that

So, I've been knitting

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi all,

I took a picture of the yarn I got today. But
for some reason, blogger won't get my picture,
it keeps giving me an error. So, I will try
one more time before finishing this blog post.

The box came today with the Knit Picks Wool of
the Andes Bulky yarn in Wine color. 15 hanks. Got
3 packages of 5 hanks each. Opened one to get
one out to put on top of the rest so you could
see the yarn if I can get the picture onto blogger

Went to Knit Group today at church. There were
five of us today, so that was nice. We were
knitting, one washcloth, one scarf being started,
one baby sweater, one fuzzy scarf, and my sock.
We decided to meet twice a month starting in
November. We used to meet weekly when we first
started, but opted to meet once a month when the
price of gas got really awful. Now it's a tad
better, so we won't got every week, but twice
a month now.

The Wool of the Andes Bulky yarn is for the
tilted duster which is on the front of the
fall Interweave Knits. So, will have to
wind a hank or two and knit a gauge swatch,
for my Knitting Guild on the first Thursday
of November for our Knit-a-long.

Well, I just checked with blogger, they
are aware of the problem and working on it.
Tried to get my picture again, and still
no go. Will try again tomorrow.

Oh, took the sock I haven't worked on
for a long time to knit group. Decided
I didn't like the way it looked, holes
in the edges, a purl row on the knit
side, etc. So frogged it. I'm thinking
I will try the Magic Loop thing instead
of the 2 circs way I've been doing it.

So, I've been knitting

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Sky

A nice looking day, but chilly. Guess fall
is here. Such fun.

Well, this is the progress of the sleeveless top
I'm working on. It looks like the last picture
I took. Went to my Knitting Guild last week,
and we discovered a problem when they looked at
it. They said I had to either frog some of it
past the mistake or Knit more mistakes like
that throughout the project. I decided to frog
it. Luckily one of the ladies was willing
to pick up stitches for me. There's 109 of them.
So, now I have knitted back to where I had
been. Have about an inch before the next
direction takes place.

Nothing has been knitted on the sock, such is life.
Our knitting guild is going to do a knit along with
the tilted duster which is on the front of the
Fall 2007 of Interweave Knits. Had to get hubby's
ok, to order the yarn. One of the women figured
out what we needed to do for the bigger ones of us.
Ordered Wool of Andes Bulky from Knit Picks, in
the wine colorway. They shipped it the other
day, so soon I hope. So the sleeveless top
may be put on hold, but we will see.

Anyway before our next meeting on the first
Thursday of November, we need to get our
yarn and then, after rolling it into balls,
we need to knit a gauge square.

Have been reading books by Elizabeth Lowell.
I like the way she writes. Got 2 more when
I went to the library on Friday.

Hey, don't forget to leave a comment.

So I've been knitting

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Sky

Posting a little late, but took the picture earlier.
Nice day although I haven't been outside at all. Today
was our Church's General Conference satellite broadcast
both today and tomorrow. Sessions here in Pa are
from 12-2 and 4 - 6. Same tomorrow. Lots of good
talks. Think I took the picture between sessions

Went to my Knitting Guild meeting on Thursday night. Showed
them the progress on my sleeveless top, and we found a major
mistake, and they made me take it out. I'm no good at picking
up stitches so someone who didn't mind did it for me. So this
pic is after only a couple rows after taking out about 3 inches.

Haven't worked on the sock at all, hence no picture again.

So, I've been knitting