Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, today I missed a dentist appointment. They called to tell me I missed it, and this time I got a warning but if I miss one again it will cost me $30. So, I need to get better at not missing appointments. Set a timer or something. My new appointment isn't till the end of March.

I spent the late morning looking at knitting books, to see what I might want to knit this year. I came up with 11 things so far. More books to go through. I'll let you know once I pick something to go first.

I gave up the diet I was trying after 1 week on it. It was too repetitive. Then while looking at the knitting books, I saw a Geneen Roth book. Later, when I decided to get out the Geneen Roth book, I found 4 or maybe 5. She says, to stop dieting, and eat what you want. I think I've found the thing I will make a new blog about.

So, keep your eyes open for a new URL.

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