Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, I haven't decided what I want to make a new blog
about, so I am back here.

No knitting to speak of. I did order size 1 double points,
but haven't gotten them yet. Figure a few more days for

Been trying to think of what I knit next if I can't make
the monkey. No ideas yet.

I'm reading Julie and Julia, the book now, on my Kindle.
I'm thinking this was written after the movie, but maybe
not as there are things that aren't in the movie.
Hubby gave me the DVD for Christmas.

I was looking through the few cookbooks I have left hanging
in the closet, looking through them to see I wanted to cook
them front to back, and no way. Ones a Mexican cookbook that
my hubby has. I looked at it, and no way. One is Gluten Free
Cookbook, but that isn't quite the thing either. Betty Crocker
has Gluten Free cakes, Brownies and cookies. Just made the
chocolate gluten free cake with cream cheese icing. Just the
bought kind. Hubby needs to eat gluten free but most of the time.
But many of my meatless things I make, are OK for him.

That's my news for now.

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