Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well, no pictures. I think I will have to stop using the
Wordless Wednesday pictures, as I have trouble finding good
shots to put here.

My son hasn't sent the picture of Wynnie's hat yet. Oh well,
maybe after Christmas. We will see them over New Years as
we are going to North Carolina out on the coast for a week with
son and daughter-in-law and granddaughter. If they bring the
hat there, I can take the picture.

I think all the presents for hubby have come and are wrapped
and put away. Poor guy has his birthday 4 days before Christmas,
so he probably gets a Christmas present wrapped in birthday
paper. I remember one year when I forgot and gave him his
birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper. I did do one
thing, I got him a 2 volume set of books and am giving him
the first one at birthday, and either the first one again
at Christmas or the 2nd one, I haven't quite decided yet.
Evidently his sister did that to him one year, giving him
the left boot for his birthday, and the left boot again for
Christmas. Later she gave him the other. So, we will see.

Ice!! The driveway is full of ice. Hubby waited an extra
hour and a quarter before he left for work. He called and
said the streets are ok. But I've had an accident on the
driveway ice before, so not going anywhere until it gets
better. I called the leader at Curves telling her I was
iced in. She didn't blame me. By the way, our driveway
is a tenth of a mile with half of it down a big hill.
Trouble is we live halfway up the hill, oh well.

I got out last night when it was snowing and it wasn't
too bad, but drove at 30 miles an hour going to Weight
Watchers. I lost 2.2 pounds this week, which makes
48 pounds lost. I do have a four wheel drive but
it runs like a front wheel drive until it needs it.
Doesn't help on the down part of the driveway at all.
I do have anti-lock brakes, but even they don't work
on ice very well. Last night the driveway was just
covered with dry snow, so not too bad going down. It
always gets up which is nice anyway.

The one time I had an accident on the drive, I hit some
black ice and hit a tree. No fun.

Luckily I got the mail from the post office yesterday,
so it won't hurt if I don't get there today.

I might ride my exercise bike but we did have to move
it to put the tree up, so not sure it would be good
to ride it where it is. We'll see.

Guess I should put more decorations on the tree. Hubby
had left the lights on our fake tree, so that is done
anyway. I put a few decorations on yesterday. I don't
know, it was more fun when the kids were home.

I haven't cast on again yet for that hat for my Curves
leader. Need to do that. Plan to take it on our trip
and knit on the way there and when there is time during
the week. I'll take something else to knit also as hat's
don't take too long (usually).

So, going to knit

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