Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Sky

It is very cold, like 20's but very sunny today. After the
ice last night, it's nice to have sun to dry up the wet
places. Took this picture around 2:00, but from inside.
Sorry, but it's just too cold to stick my nose outside at
the moment.

Wouldn't you know I sent the baby's hat to her, and forgot
to take a picture of it. I will email my son and get him
to take a picture of it, maybe on the kid. It turned out
very cute, she can turn up the bottom if it's a tad too big,
or not. I have to email washing instructions as this Mission
Falls 1824 Wool, is a little fussy. Wash in the machine in cool
water by itself and dry in dryer but take it out before dry, and shape
it. That's a little fussy for a couple with a little one.
But maybe it won't need washing too often, right she's a one year
old? Hope the hat fits, it should.

I'm starting another hat, for a friend. Just made the gauge
square. It's going to look very similar to the hat I made for
myself. She likes it, and picked the same yarn when I took
several for her to look at. Once I start knitting it, I will
take a picture. I looked at my knitting diary and though I
had the size needles, I didn't write down the stitches per inch.
Therefore, had to knit the gauge square again.

Oh, Knitty is out for the winter. I spent a lovely hour or so
looking at patterns and reading the articles. It's an online
knitting magazine for people who knit. It's found at

So, I've been knitting

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