Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Sky

I took this picture around 2:30 this afternoon. It has been
very cold today, as it's been the last few days. Winter has
begun or something.

I didn't take any pictures of knitting. I just cast on and
did a few rows of 2+2 ribbing on a hat for my granddaughter.
You might look back a while and see when I started one in red
long ago. This time I'm knitting it in red again, on the right
size needle, and just making a regular kid hat. I've started
the fancy hat several times in different yarns, and it never
worked. So, this time, it better work, just a plain knit in
the round hat. Well, if it looks like I won't have enough
red, I might put a stripe of one of the other colors, either
the lighter green, or darker green. We'll see.

I did the pocket liners for my sweater. One in the right
size and the other a bit bigger. Now I have to cast on
for the back of the sweater, and haven't done that yet.
I noticed that the back and one arm are knit in one piece,
and I suppose one of the fronts does that also. We'll see.
It would be nice not to have to knit separate sleeves.

The sock is on hold, and will at least till I get
the silly hat done. It's been so frustrating. Here's

So, I've been knitting

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